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Interview: Drenge


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Ever since being featured as our New Band of the Day column a few months ago, Drenge have been having a bit of a moment.

We spoke to one half of the duo as he enjoyed a romantic night in a Holiday Inn…

DrengeHi Eoin, how are you?

Fine, we’ve just had a curry.

Where are you right now?

In a Holiday Inn Express; it’s a romantic night in. That Richard Burton/Elizabeth Taylor biopic is on. I’ve opened a bottle of Campo Viejo. 

So, last we heard, you were just 19 and 21. Most 19-21 year olds I know are currently wallowing in a pit of despair that they’re never going to make it. How does all this media attention feel?

Imagine the pit of despair you’re in, and multiply it by media attention. Being the focus of music articles doesn’t change your life for the better. Our main task is making sure it doesn’t prevent us from making the music we want to make.

You’re currently on your first official headline tour. How’s it going?

It’s been great. We’ve landed in festival season, safe and sound.

Drenge was recently featured as The National Student’s New Band of the Day. What new bands would you recommend?

Kagoule are really great; BLESSA too. The Amazing Snakeheads, Menace Beach and Public School Battalion also all deserve your airtime.

You’re from Castleton. I went there on a geography trip once. Does coming from a small town affect your music?

The place is overrun with geography trips. It’s hard to make the bus without being stopped by bored, secondary school kids asking about footpath erosion and litter and traffic. None of those things have an impact on our songs. But small town frustration definitely plays its part.

Your debut single Bloodsports came out recently. How did that go down?

It went down well. Current music press makes a point of not laying into new songs by new bands, but hopefully that’ll go out of fashion and some hot new website will appear that speaks openly and honestly about new music.

What are your plans for the rest of 2013?

Festivals; Album; Tour; Christmas Day.

Drenge’s debut LP is released 19th August on Infectious Music.

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