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How to survive a summer festival

2nd August 2013

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The festival season is well under way, and there are over 200 to choose from all across Europe. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks below to make the whole experience as enjoyable as possible.

Have a meeting point

It’s the oldest piece of advice but it’s still important. No one wants to wander round a huge festival (Glastonbury this year reportedly had the same population as Sunderland) with no mates. Pick somewhere central in the arena/near your group’s favourite stage and just hang around there if you do get lost.

Take an old phone

 Most people seem to do this now, but there are just as many who risk their brand new smartphone amongst all the mud and thousands of trampling feet. Take a disposable camera, and don’t be afraid to miss out on Instagram and Facebook pictures, enjoy the festival in the moment rather than making it all about the perfect cover photo or video clip. 

Split up your group from time to time

It’s great going to a festival in a big group, but sometimes it makes organisation hard work! Accept that not everyone will want to see the exact same bands/DJs/entertainment, and go off in groups of three or so. It’s easier to stick together that way too!

Bring food

Even if you don’t want to get fully involved with the gas camping stove, it’s worth bringing a few things to eat in the mornings when you can’t make it to the food stalls. Pick stuff that travels well, like dried fruit and nuts, apples, energy bars etc. Ring pull tins are good but heavy, so don’t weigh yourself down with 10 cans of beans for the weekend.

Clear up after yourself

Keep your campsite area clean, it makes spending time there much nicer. If you’re hungover you especially don’t want to be lying down in the shade next to last night’s leftover burger. Also don’t be tempted to leave your tent behind. By all means buy a cheap one that you only intend to use for one festival season, but make sure you take it with you. If you’re too exhausted and you really can’t face the thought of lugging it all the way back, at least take it down, roll it up and put it by nearest rubbish bin!

There’s no shortage of festival checklists but there are some things that always seem to get left behind. Make sure you remember:

Spare batteries for torch


Lamp for your group’s area

Big bottle (can be empty, just fill it up at the campsite)

Plastic bags to put dirty clothes and shoes in


Toothbrush and toothpaste


Bin liners - to sit on, wear, live under if your tent gets blown away in a freak wind

Pillowcase – put some clothes inside and it becomes a pillow!

Tickets – a friend once left her Benacassim ticket on the plane after leaving it a magazine she’d finished, so you can never be reminded of this too often.

by Emma Gordon, at Scape Student Living

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