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TNS talks to one quarter of B*Witched

1st August 2013

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Here are a few words to push your 90s nostalgia button: Irish. Girl. Pop. Double. Denim.

Four-piece girl group B*Witched were an important part of 90s pop culture. Who else gave us lines as inspiringly imaginative as “I’ve got a house with windows and doors/I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”?

No one, that’s who.

So, for the purpose of reliving our childhood, TNS decided to talk to Lindsay Armaou about the band’s Big Reunion, X Factor and her new sideline in B*Witched branded denim*.

(Also, the all-new B*Witched are trying for a rocky edge. Who knew?)

*Not really.

Hello Lindsay! You got back together at the end of 2012, but before that we hadn’t heard from you for quite a while. What’s been going on in the intervening ten years?

I kind of stayed in music for a while, and got into production and recording and writing, that sort of thing. Then I got into a country folk band called Clayton.

How did that go?

It was good. I was with them for a couple of years and we did a lot of gigs. It was more of a live project so we did have an album... but I think it was at a time where the music industry was changing, and it was becoming more and more about reality TV, The X Factor, things like that, so record companies weren’t really signing that many new acts that would need to be developed.

Did that have a negative effect?

I don’t know about negative, but I think it definitely changed the industry and the direction that everything started to go in. The X Factor finalists, their profile was already high, and the promotion had already been done so the record companies didn’t really need to do much, they’d just sign them, and release.

But they haven’t had a huge amount of success, really...

Well, a handful of them have. If you look at Leona Lewis... a handful. But I think that’s probably to be expected because it’s only a minority of acts that do have longevity. If you look at any of the acts that are out there.

We were wondering, what are your current feelings on double denim?

I love it! Yeah, I do. I do love it; I love it as a look. And it’s actually on trend at the moment, bizarrely.

Maybe because of B*Witched!

Yes! I don’t think we get enough credit for it, personally, for making it on trend.

Maybe that could be your next project? Double denim fashion line?

Exactly, exactly. There was a question mark to whether we would do the whole double denim thing again this time round, and I just thought, we have to. It’s funny because we are remembered just as much for that as we are for the songs that we did. That’s what we’ve been wearing for all the shows that we did, on the Big Reunion tour, and all the gigs that we’re doing now. It’s all denim. Like, it’s not head to toe denim; there are definitely bits of denim incorporated.

Why did you decide to take part in the Big Reunion?

It’s funny because I always felt like we were gonna do something again, at some point, as a band, and as the years went by I was thinking, oh, well maybe not then. Because it’s been so long now; when are we going to get an opportunity; how are we going to get an opportunity? And when this came up I just thought, if we don’t do this we’re never gonna do anything again – it’s now or never. So I just felt in my heart that I wanted to do it, so my answer was pretty much yes straightaway.

What’s your all time favourite B*Witched hit?

Erm... Blame It On The Weatherman.

Why did you blame it on the weatherman?

Why did we blame it on the weatherman? Erm... it’s a nice way of not blaming it on yourself? Or on anyone else, for that matter.

I also read that at various times you were called ‘Butterfly Farm’, ‘D’Zire’ and ‘Sister’ –

‘Butterfly Farm’? Did you say ‘Butterfly Farm’?  





You were never called ‘Butterfly Farm’?

We were never called ‘Butterfly Farm.’

Oh. I read that you were...

Never heard that before.

That’s odd. (TNS later fact-checked and found from a number of sources that B*Witched DID indeed use to be named ‘Butterfly Farm’ – before Lindsay was taken on as the fourth member. Confusion resolved.)

We were wondering why there’s an asterix in the word ‘B*Witched’?

Well, two reasons. Firstly because it was to put a bit of magic into the whole logo. So stars in the logo, it’s a nice change. And we wanted to set it apart from Bewitched the TV series; we wanted it to look different to that.

Your single ‘Love and Money’ was released in May. Have you got anything following that?

Love and Money wasn’t a single as such, it was more of a promo song. It hasn’t been available for download. But it’s up on YouTube. A promo song, to put out there, to gage whether there was interest or not. But we’re writing some more music at the moment.

Have you got the same sound?

It’s different. It was difficult to decide on a direction because obviously we’re ten years older and the music back then was quite kiddy and so we’ve gone for a slightly rockier edge this time round.

Do you think you’re more building on the nostalgia market, or could it work on its own without any past associations?

I think nostalgia has been a huge element, and that’s what The Big Reunion is all about. I’m not gonna lie, that’s definitely what people love – it’s all about people reliving their youth and good times. But having said that the reaction that we get talking about our new song and our new material has been... you never know what the demand is going to be, but you have to try.

Do you think you’ll be with B*Witched in a year’s time?

I do.

Five years?

Five years... it’s hard to say, you just take it one step at a time. We’ll just decide at the time. It’s hard to tell this far in advance. I think a year definitely, I don’t know about five years.

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