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Interview: Pure Love


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Pure Love are one of the hottest rock bands on the planet right now, and the new faces of Relentless Energy.

Pure LoveThe Anglo-American duo of Frank Carter (ex Gallows) and Jim Carroll (ex Hope Conspiracy and Suicide File) took the rock route after years blasting out hardcore punk.

We sat down with the band to talk vinyl, gigs and lilo racing... 

How did you guys meet and decide to form a band?

Frank: We met a long time ago when our old bands played together so when we decided to form a new band, we both live in New York now, and we met just randomly through a friend and I wanted to start a band and I had spoken to Jimmy’s roommate about it and Lucas was like ‘yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (and so on) but it never materialised.  But he has said it to me and Jimmy.  When did we met?  

Jim: We saw each other at a show, kept meeting each other at shows and kept talking about it and we said alright right and we sat down, yeah, and just kinda shared what we had both been working on individually and realised we were both on the same page.  I went home and sat down and wrote stuff and we had our first song that day, and that was it, easy.

Your debut album Anthems was produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters, Funeral For A Friend) what was it like working with a guy with so much experience?

Jim: It was awesome, I mean, we were a little nervous before going in cause we heard he was such a ball-buster in the studio and we didn’t know how it was going to be. How it was gunna turn out and it ended up being the best experience.  He totally understood what we wanted to, he didn’t over step in any way he just made suggestions here and there and most of them were great.  He just kinda led us along the right direction.        

You guys debuted several music videos online before your first album.  Do you think this is a reflection of the future of the music industry or was it just ‘testing the water’?

Jim: I think yes and no, that was available to us to get the music out there to as many people as possible so why not utilise it, you can’t fight against it.  It’s always gonna be there or at least until the next big thing comes along.   

Is there a tour in the works?

Frank: We are just back from tour but we really wanna get a tour sorted for America. We both live there, we’re yet to play a show there which is ridiculous so we’re trying to figure out how to put it into the summer and then mostly we’re focused on writing right now, right as much as we can and see where we are in the summer.

You’ve mentioned having crowd lilo races during your showa, so how do you guys get ready for a show?

Frank: How do we get ready for a show? We just flick through a catalogue (for lilos)  Na, I don’t know what we do, we stretch.

Jim: Lots of stretching.

Frank: A lot of laughing, like there normally a couple of drinks being had and everyone’s really chill.  It’s a weird thing because like when we go out there’s this explosion, its kinda like an incendiary bomb yeno, your just ticking away and ticking away until that time.  Right before we play we go away into our own head space, it’s weird cause we all just together all the time and then right before the show they all become their own little part and then we go out.           

Frank I can’t help but notice your tattoos, what one is your favourite?

Frank: Um I’ve got my wife’s name here (points to the outside of his right hand) and her name on my stomach.

Anthems has been released on vinyl as well as CD and a few bands are going the same, is vinyl coming back?

Frank: It never went.

Jim: I used to work in a record store like five years ago, and years before that, and just at the tail end of that we doubled the vinyl selection and it has just come back in a big way I think people realised  they want something tangible, its al apart of the experience.  When I grew up and discovered my parent’s vinyl collection it was like a whole new world.

Franks turns to Jim: Sid’s (I think that’s his name) Dad has the most amazing record collection..

Jim: Really?

Frank...Cause he grew up in New York and he just loves all music so like he’s got like Gregorian monks music right next to like crisp 12” Rolling Stones, it’s just fucking cool!

Jim: Yeah I mean that what it was, you put in a record and its this whole experience, you have to put it on there and look at all the art work.

Frank: Yeno what’s weird, I was watching Mad Men recently and he has just got the first record player and he was taking The Beatles out of the sleeve and putting it on and I was just like ‘Aw I fucking miss that so much!’  I have a turn table here but not in New York.  Not only does it give you something physical to hold, CD’s  are throw away you know, but a 12” record you get it, its big enough to keep your fuckingg attention and you can just fucking... there’s nothing like putting it on and listening. 

When you put on a record on you sit down listen to a record and it sounds like it has soul, it has that grip from the vinyl, that static and it’s just amazing, (there’s) nothing like that.   We just put all our albums out on vinyl from now on, like nothing else just vinyl, not even digital downloads fuck iTunes!      

Jim laughs.

At Leeds and Reading you requested a small stage, is that what Pure Love is all about; the nitty gritty music having fans closer?

Jim: I prefer a nitty crowd. Last year when we played Reading and Leeds it was amazing, it was one of the biggest gigs I’ve played and it’s just so easy, you have all these people and no matter what you can feel the energy.  But it’s great to play in front of smaller crowds cause then you can really rock them and get involved.

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