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Interview: Blitz Kids


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It’s difficult to miss Blitz Kids in the world of rock at the moment. The band have found themselves in the current young fraternity of bands such as Don Broco and Lower Than Atlantis that have attracted a wave of media backing, and a fiercely loyal fan base to match.

Part of Blitz Kids’ success can be attributed to the bands that lead the way as Jono Yates reveals: "These guys have really opened the door for band’s like us, and now we’re starting to get played so we’re really grateful!"

Another source that’s allowed Blitz Kids the newfound attention is their recent signing to the ambitious and wealthy label Red Bull Records.

Yates is particularly enthusiastic about the label’s laid back approach: "They’re not like some major record labels that dictate what music you play, what you look like etc. We’ve always had a vision, and Red Bull have helped us realise it and turn it into a reality."

But despite him praising external forces for their success, it is ultimately down to Blitz Kids themselves, who’ve had to deal with an increase in pressure to match their new profile: "There’s a definite level of expectation, but it’s come naturally as a result of signing for Red Bull, and its forced us to step up our game and recreate what we’ve done on the record live. We think we’ve done that."

It is definitely a step up from the also-ran status they enjoyed previously: "Before we were the always the underdogs: we never really released anything great but we were always on the scene and people were routing for us because we were trying really hard.’

The early signs are certainly good for Blitz Kids, with the band’s mini-album Never Die showing the band have certainly delivered on their promises.

Musically Yates believes Never Die it is a definite progression: "Before we used to go off on tangents on songs and our songs often ended up as a collection of riffs that Joe (Vocalist) tied together. But now we’re focusing on the song itself, making sure we’ve nailed the vocals, melodies and harmonies before adding the creative stuff on top."


Never Die is a much darker album than Blitz Kids previous work, addressing, "Mortality and death, and what it means."

Elaborating, Yates states: "The concept of never die is more metaphorical than literal. It’s more addressing the idea of what you leave behind, a legacy or memories etc. We all die, there’s no escaping that, but it’s all about making the most of your time while you’re here."

With the success of Never Die, Blitz Kids have decided to create another concept album: "Rather than Death, the concept of the new album is life and living. It’s about taking control of your fears and anxieties, and ultimately being who you want to be."

With the bands new profile their upcoming album may well be the catalyst to propel the band to the top of British rock.

It’s a busy summer ahead for the Blitz Kids in a year that sees them playing a variety of festivals, from Slam Dunk to Download.

"I think Download’s going to be a highlight," Yates reveals. "We’re opening the second stage on Sunday, with Limp Bizkit closing it. They’re one of the first bands I ever went to see so to be playing under them is mental."

It’s the least they deserve, with Blitz Kids not only persevering when they were the genre’s underdogs, but excelling while the spotlight has been on them, justifying the faith that has been put into them by Red Bull with Never Die.

 With the band set to release the follow-up this year, it will come as no surprise to see Blitz Kids exceed expectations and cement their place as one of Britain’s most exciting rock bands. 

Catch Blitz Kids at this year's Slam Dunk and Download festivals.

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