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New Band of the Day: Drenge


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Drenge are two young brothers from Sheffield who have been making waves for a while with just three self-shot YouTube videos. The release of their official debut single 'Bloodsports' last month could be the start of big things for the brothers. 

They sound much older than their tender ages of 19 and 21, like a band that has been around for years, or a band that was around years ago, when guitar music was still something you could get excited about.

With fantastic song names like 'People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck', 'I Wanna Break You In Half' and 'Dogmeat' – where the video features the good people of Sheffield making idiots of themselves in varying degrees of inebriation, presumably unaware of the song’s title – they prove that they have a sense of humour as well as an enviable talent for making raw-but-assured, exciting guitar music.

Zane Lowe named new single 'Bloodsports' – so called after their friends’ band (awww) – the Hottest Record in the World. TNS would never falsely exaggerate, of course, but we can tell you that the song is definitely hot, hot, hot.


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