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New Band of the Day: Ghost B.C.


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Ghost B.C. are a band with a penchant for face-paint and silly hats. Sounds harmless enough, until you realise that Ghost B.C. aren’t a bunch of six year olds at a birthday party but a Swedish satanic metal group, who team their skull-faces with Pope-style hats and leather gloves.

This over-the-top theatricality is evident in the music too. Ghost B.C. had to change their name from Ghost earlier this year for ‘legal reasons’, but they are still the metal band their fans know and love.

Songs reference Beelzebub and Lucifer like they’re old mates; vaudevillian keyboards lurch along like a broken down spooky fairground ride, propelled onwards only by the relentless drums.

They probably wouldn’t like me saying this, but Ghost B.C. always stay on the more accessible side of devil worship. This is melodic rock rather than the shouty metal stuff that scares your mum, and the amount of effort that they’ve clearly put into their costumes is endearing if not downright camp. The video for debut single Secular Haze, released earlier this year, at least looks like it was filmed with a sense of humour – it shows the black cloaked and hooded band rocking out in a pretty purple studio, filled with candelabras and dry ice.

New album INFESTISSUMAM will be released 8th April 2013 on Loma Vista Recordings. 

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