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New Band of the Day: Lumerians


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Bored of revision? Leave this world (figuratively) with some psychedelic space-rock from Lumerians. 

The members of Lumerians came together through ‘their shared affinity for Krautrock and esoteric occult mythologies’.

The music is as weird as you’d expect. What do you get if you mix post-punk, Krautrock, the soundtrack to some bad 70s alien horror flick, tribal rhythms and invite The Clangers to collaborate? Probably something along the lines of 'The Bloom', Lumerians’ new single.

Lumerians' YouTube videos invite such thought-provoking comments as ‘this is how mirrors see us’ (Greenaissance1), ‘the paradox between life and death’ (sadplateofbacon) and ‘we are the imagination of ourselves’ (Caligula138).

While we can’t promise that listening to Lumerians will turn you into a faux-philosopher too, if you’re after something a little bit unusual you could do worse than check this band out.

Lumerians’ second album High Frontiers will be released 10th June 2013 on Partisan Records.

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