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New Band of the Day: Haiku Salut


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Haiku Salut are a modern-pop enigma: their electro influences co-mingle with French composers, head-on and beautifully. 

Haiku SalutThe female trio from Derbyshire have suitably folky undertones weaved into their music. Haiku Salut take chimes, trumpets, accordions, piano, and then turn it upside-down with samplers and loop-pedals.

You won’t find some electro rework of Mumford and Sons, though. If you’re a fan of Tiersen’s soundtrack for Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amelie Poulain, their debut album can go into the same playlist. The theatrical riffs and the odd call to old-time Paris run elegantly throughout the album, developing into an electronic update and bouncing back again.

Sound a bit confusing? It’s meant to be. Haiku Salut called their album Tricolore with the primary colours in mind: “three colours that create everything in the spectrum but when spun on a colour wheel become nothing at all.”

It’s okay if we don’t get what’s going on, the idea is simply to enjoy each nugget of inspiration and each turn the music takes. The album is certainly meticulously crafted, but not to be taken too seriously.

Haiku Salut is for the aloof among us.

Haiku Salut, "Los Elefantes" by hdif

Haiku Salut’s single ‘Los Elefantes’ is available to download now.

Their debut album ‘Tricolore’ is available to download from 25 March.

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