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Five weird love songs

8th February 2013

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Love heartsYou’re probably hastily putting together that Valentine’s Day playlist to show your lover exactly how you feel.

All those songs that rhyme ‘maybe’ with ‘baby’ and talk about sweetness and sugar!

But there’s another side to the love-song coin, one where people express their feelings in a less conventional, more poetic and, let’s say, “weirder” way.

Check out these alternative odes to love:





The Crystals – He Hit Me and It Felt Like A Kiss

A Phil Spector produced ode to domestic abuse. She may have cheated on him, but that’s no excuse for him battering ten shades out of her! But it’s all fine because she really, really, really LOVES HIM. And his fist!

The Smiths – Girlfriend In A Coma

She’s in a coma, he loves her. It’s not the greatest premise for a song about feelings of love, but somehow it manages to produce some of the sweetest sentiments on record.

Brute Force – The Tapeworm Of Love

Signed by the Beatles to their record label it’s incredible to think that Brute Force never made the big time. How can songs like this not be chart hits? It’s an apt description of that feeling inside you get when you are in love. Disgusting, yes, but also pretty accurate.

Malcolm Middleton – Fuck It, I Love You

The ex-Arab Strap man succumbs to love, the ultimate nonchalant love song. It’s also pretty sweet....

Eels – Beautiful Freak

You’re a freak, she’s a freak (and really beautiful in your eyes) why not be freaks together. People might not enjoy being called a freak, but more songs should celebrate people’s uniqueness more rather than simply saying how nice an “ass” people have.




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