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Interview: The Correspondents

6th February 2013

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One of them works the crowd in lycra spandex, the other mixes the music. Together, Mr Bruce and Chucks make an electro-swing duo that persuades even the dullest of audiences to get up and boogie.

The CorrespondentsTNS had the pleasure of five minutes with The Correspondents, where we talked albums, festivals, and Ford Fiestas ....

So the new single, 'Well Measured Vice', is the video I spent so long trying to access through Youtube, as its just so naughty. Explain.

MrB: Ah of course, that's a bit frustrating.

So besides being pretty darn pornographic, what's the song about?

MrB: Well it’s a very, very loose anti-prohibition song. The original catalyst for it is rather vague. Various councils in East London were trying to ‘clean up’ the city before the Olympics. They were getting rid of sex shops, strip clubs, those kinda things - even though they already have their SUV licenses and pay a huge amount of taxes.

Ch: We were told it was going to hit the burlesque scene, so if there was ever a cause...

MrB: You’re always going to get councils who try to clean things up, so it’s more or less a geographically specific version of What’s Happened to Soho. We're environmentally aware and everything. 

Is it true that you animated the entire thing Mr. Bruce?

MrB: Yeah, because we had an unexpected break of four months after I broke a bone in my foot. We thought "Shit, how are we going to do a video if I can’t dance?” so I turned to animation. What you’ll see is that the video starts out technically very ropey, and then it gets progressively more complicated as I’m developing my skills. I felt pretty guilty when I Injured myself though, as I quickly realized that if i’m out of work, then I put Chucks out of work too

Ch: And we quickly realised that if I’m out of work, anybody could do my job.

Music, Dj-ing, animation, do you think your degrees came in handy at all?

MrB: Well I studied fine art in Edinburgh, so that came in handy with the newest video.

Ch: I studied history at Leeds and that didn’t inspire me at all.

For me, Uni is really the reason I'm doing this. You can do something safe, and it allows you to find out what you want to do in life. It teaches you a bit of responsibility, it’s that time where you don’t have anyone breathing down your neck so its all on your own head. 

MrB: It definitely teaches you a bit of discipline. My one bit of advice, is working out what you want to do is much easier when you’re doing something that you don’t want to do. 

Mr. Bruce, you’re like a lycra-legged grasshopper, whereas Chucks, you’re happy just to chill on the decks in the background. How do you think you gel together, being so different from each other?

MrB: Well Chucks does all the hard work before the gigs, so it’s hours and hours of editing, and making tracks that are big. Then I come on and take all the glory. I do the whole song and dance thing. There’s a nice balance in that. I think if we were both competing to be the centre of attention it wouldn’t work. You can see that though with other bands.

So you don’t argue with each other?

Ch: No, we’ll have disagreements but we never fight or anything.

MrB: Yeah they’re creative disagreements, it’s inevitable that we bicker… But just like a married couple, you learn to sit in silence.

Are you busy touring at the minute?

MrB: Yeah well we have two gigs a week, maybe 3 or four. We’ve got quite a bit of stuff in Eastern Europe- Bulgaria are keen for us. We’re actually about to head off on an Australian tour too.

So do you think you have much of a rock and roll lifestyle? Any tour buses, groupies?

MrB: Nope, probably the exact opposite. We just have our trusty Ford Focus. I think a lot of bands jump on the thought, "Ooh we’re a band, we need a van now"- we did it. But then we thought, "Why? It’s literally just the two of us." You just have one to make yourself think that you’re important. We usually drive to a gig and then we drive back again. Every once in a while we have a few friends there and have a drink, but it’s pretty rare that we drink. I remember I used to drink absolute shitloads, I used to just line the drinks up and knock them all back, but I’d be out of it. It’s not just work, work, work for us, but we do have to stay pretty professional and remember what we’re there to do. 

Can I just say that when I was at RockNess last year...

MrB: Oh you were at RockNess?

You booted me in the face with your foot.

MrB: Did I actually get you full on in the face? 

Ch: Nah, you did just kick her in the face.

MrB: Yeah just got up at the railings and said "can you hold her still." Haha, sorry, I do apologise.

That was a funny gig actually, it was like a really big tent, with not a huge amount of people. I remember RockNess being quite a big deal beforehand, then we got there and it was like "chilling with Mumford and Sons backstage." That whole family of new folk people were there and they were all like bezzies.

So I'm guessing you'll be hitting the festivals again this year?

MrB: Oh yeah.

Ch: Yeah we’re going to be hitting it pretty hard.


The Correspondents new single 'Well Measure Vice' is out now From Our Own

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