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New Band of The Day: Ink


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Ink are perhaps one of the most enigmatic new bands that we’ve featured, but they are also one of the most promising.

The quirky pop duo comprised of Miriam Massie and Colin Mack have yet to play live, yet their work in the studio has charmed the like of The Guardian and The Reccomender into singing their praises.

The track in question that has everyone talking is Ink Goes On, a dreamy pop track that combines a twinkly melody over a slow, meandering bass line in a simple, yet charmingly effective song destined for widespread attention.

The video for Ink Goes On is equally as charming, showing the story of a girl who wants her lover to communicate with her in ink only, in order to demonstrate his love and commitment. No other form of communication will do, as the way she sees it, ink lasts.

When the pair release an album, expect Ink to climb straight to the top, especially if the rest of their songs are half as strong as Ink Goes On. 


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