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Best albums of 2012 - another five

6th January 2013

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2012 has been a year full of fresh, exciting and awesome new music. After weeks and weeks of heated debate, falling out, tears and opinions TNS critics settled on our top 20 albums of this year.

We have been revealing them five at a time (in no particular order, it was hard enough getting the list we have without having to number them and we needed to stop the debate short of it turning to actual violence!).

Here are the five more of our albums of 2012:

Actress – R.I.P

Actress (AKA Darren Cunningham) has come a long way in his three album career, making the construction of his electronic soundscapes a science rather than an art. His third effort R.I.P is a celebral, dark and poetic gem with a hypnotic and strange power over the listener. TNS’ Eddie Gibson agreed with the hype saying, “It’s a magnificent piece of music that has been presented like no other album this year. The dark instrumentation is memorable and the offbeat rhythms make a mark that cannot be undone. It's an album of contrasting genres and cannot be simply classified as electronic music because Actress includes a broad range of material in his instrumentals.”

Bobby Womack - The Bravest Man In The Universe

Sometimes a completely unexpected album comes along to satisfy even the most sceptical, in 2012 that album was Bobby Womack’s career resurrecting masterpiece. Womack has struggled with stardom, crack-addiction and career-collapse and hadn’t released an album in 16-years. Teaming up with Damon Albarn (off the back of his appearance with the Gorillaz) and producer and XL Records head honcho Richard Russell it seemed unlikely to work – how would a soul legend slot into this mix? The answer was ‘brilliantly’. The resulting album was a short,  but vibrant burst of aural ideas that brought Womack’s extraordinary voice to life. Encompassing a range of styles old and new Womack created a modern downbeat soul-classic.

Cooly G – Playin Me

On Playin Me, Londoner Cooly G is a woman exploring and rewriting the history of British dance music playing with dubstep rhythms, the romanticism of lover’s rock, drum n bass beats and the stoned-out trip-hop of Massive Attack alongside elements of the funkier side of UK house. The result is an unearthly but soulful aural blend. With her understated vocals finish off the perfect record for 2012’s genre-blending nature.



‘Predictable’ has never been a word you could use to describe Liars. Each release takes a new genre-turn and WIXIW saw them forego the rampant eclecticism of Sisterworld for a subtle, dreamy electronic sound. WIXIW is an ethereal pop wonder, packed with emotive synths and uneasy ambiance. Liars proved with their sixth release that no matter what genre they turn their attentions too they will excel at it.

Beach House – Bloom

Beach House’s fourth album was seen by many as their best effort yet. Our Eddie Gibson loved the album,The layered vocal hooks return, as do the spiralling synthesizers and dream pop guitar riffs. Bloom is a relaxing and joyous listen that deserves to be played in the cold winter months, rather than the warm summer months of its release.” 


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