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Interview: Delilah

5th November 2012

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It’s just over a year since we first heard her with Chase & Status, and with the release of her debut solo album back in July it’s safe to say Delilah has enjoyed a meteoric rise as a star in her own right. 

DelilahThere’s no stopping the 21-year-old Londoner. 

With her passion for music starting at a young age, Delilah realised the one thing she wanted to pursue in life, was a singing career. After working hard to make herself known in an industry featuring many pathways, her dreams finally became a reality at the age of 17 when she was placed on the books of Atlantic Records. 

“Music is always something I’ve loved. It was always a dream and I didn’t actually think it would become a reality. It was when I was about 17 when I realised, this is actually happening.” 

Making her first breakthrough featuring on the track ‘Time’ by Chase and Status, Delilah intrigued listeners by adding a smooth soul edge to a powerful, bass single. 

Asking her if she expected this reaction, Delilah said: “Yes and no, before the track was released officially we saw how the crowd reacted to that song and it was amazing, we didn’t expect that to happen but I am just really grateful to be a part of it all.” 

Speaking about her new single ‘Shades of Grey’, Delilah stated most of her music inspiration comes from her background life: “I guess the whole album is about my life and the things I have gone through. Shades of Grey was about a breakup, making the best out of something bad that happened.” 

For any artist, choosing a highlight of their career is a tough question: “It’s really hard to just choose one highlight of my career so far, choosing one is almost impossible, but I’d have to say my tour as that was amazing.” 

After performing at festivals in summer such as Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend, Lovebox and Wireless, Delilah hailed Bestival as being her most memorable festival performance: “I’d have to say Bestival was my most memorable festival performance as it was good weather and everyone was on a happy vibe. Other than that I would say Wireless was kind of amazing because I didn’t have any expectations and the crowd were amazing.” 

Listen up Ed Sheeran! Speaking about who she would ultimately love to duet with, Delilah said: “I’d love to do a duet with Ed Sheeran that would be really fun.” 

Talking about her main singing inspiration, Delilah stated funk-pop legend Prince has always been an idol she has looked up to: “An idol I look up to would be Prince, Prince is amazing. He has definitely become an idol and inspiration of mine.” 

Choosing her favourite song from her album released earlier this year, Delilah said: “My favourite song would have to be ‘never be another’; it’s got a wicked vibe to it and I’m looking forward to people hearing it.” 

With her sound turning heads there seems to be no ambition from the young singer to rock the boat, as she takes this sound to another record and hopefully a world tour. 

Passing on the secret to her success and advice for aspiring artists, Delilah said for anyone hoping to break into the industry: “Be unique, try not to do something that someone else is doing, be unique. Try and create something that is individual so you stand out from the crowd.”

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