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Album Review: Don Broco - Priorities


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Earlier this year TNS earmarked Don Broco as ones to watch, as we speculated whether 2012 would be their year. With debut studio album Priorities they have provided the best possible answer.

Kicking off the album is the title track and the first single from the album Priorities. Here the raw aggression combines with an effortless groove in what is undeniably the band’s strongest track. The song epitomises everything this band is about: colossal choruses, instantly catchy guitar riffs and that undeniable Don Broco swagger are all present in this instant classic.

Another standout of Priorities can be found in Actors,  where the band's characteristic groove is ditched for raw aggression in what is a rock track in every sense of the word. Vocalist Rom Damiani and drummer/ backing vocalist Matt Donnelly combining perfectly in a hook filled chorus. It is a somewhat unexpected song from Don Broco, but they pull it off expertly and show they suit angry just as well as groovy.

In contrast, the softer, dreamy Yeah Man sees a somewhat stripped back sound, showing exactly how less can be more, with the track being one of the simplest of the album, yet a definite standout. Lyrically it addresses the ups and downs of being in a band, particularly the money: "I know that you’re broke, ‘cause I’m broke, let’s be broke together" and life on the road: "We do what we want don’t answer to anyone every night and getting paid for it’." Yeah Man is an instantly infectious sing along.

On Back In the Day the band demonstrate their technical ability in a track that provides a midpoint between the Don Broco we saw in Big Fat Smile and the Don Broco of today. The track seamlessly shifts between technical melodies and aggressive riffs in a similar manner to Beautiful Morning.

For Hold On the band return with their trademark swagger and turn up the groove for this sexy track in which Damiani gives a blunt account about a sexual enounter: "If I said I remembered your name I’d be lying, told you my real name I’d be lying. I can keep this bullshit up all night."

 Similarly Whole Truth provides an ambivalent take on cheating on a partner. It is a fun, bouncy indie track that has a positive vibe whilst at the same time employing a dark lyrical frankness with Damiani claiming "what a mess I’ve made… to lose you would break my heart."

 Don Broco once more show that they have perfected the contrasting of technical verses and hard hitting choruses. What particularly impress about this track is the vocals of Donnelly, showing he is more than an accomplished vocalist, stealing the show from Damiani, which is no small feat.

With Priorities Don Broco have exceeded all expectations. They have shown they are very capable of experimenting with their trademark sound in what is a coming of age record for the band. The fun loving Bedford boys will finally achieve the success they deserve with one of this year’s catchiest rock albums.


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