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MuzoVault: The musician's saviour

9th August 2012

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muzovaultThe penniless musician who suffers for their art; it’s a cliché we all know and one Daniel Farley, creator of MuzoVault, knows better than most.

A student from ACM in Guilford and BIMM in Brighton, session drummer Daniel found the world of music as cliquey and closed as the saying goes; it was who you knew.

Fortunately for the rest of us, he saw this not as a reason to give up and become an accountant, so bored he'd have to doodle pictures of his own feet for fun, but as an opportunity -an opportunity to create MuzoVault.

MuzoVault is not just, as some are saying, the musicians answer to Facebook. Designed for all musicians but with a special focus on bands, the website aims not to network but to get work. Not only will industry names be able to find new acts and bands able to find more gigs, there will be an added quirk.

You may have heard of ReverbNation, a work-based site for musicians. On the surface it seems very similar. Daniel, however, has decided to take it to the next level; instead of simply uploading a profile onto the site and waiting for Will.I.Am and Simon Cowell to come begging at your door, Daniel is offering personalised service.

Unless you’re a session musician[1], he will be filtering through every musician for free and personally trying to get them contacts, trying to "be the guy I needed when I was starting out". To me, this seems somewhat unrealistic considering the site’s global aims but Daniel assured us that although it may take a day or so to respond, "I will be helping every member." All I can say is I hope he’s a time-management wizard.

This pretty impressive business plan wasn’t always so honed, however. The initial idea was good but much less personal; a sort of Google maps with gigs around the country. As any true business man knows, the best plans develop and develop again so now the Google-maps idea will be part of the MuzoVault App, rather than the whole site. As well as being able to locate gigs and contacts nearby, bands will be able to upload music, photos and bios to the website – rather liked LinkedIn... but cooler.

The most exciting part for the rest of us, however, is yet to come: MuzoVault won’t just be online. The 17th of September will see three fairly under the radar bands headline at the Islington Academy, London, at the MuzoVault launch. In the audience will be promoters, labels, agencies and journalists, all looking to find rising stars. It all follows after a battle of the bands around Guilford with audiences to capacity on some nights and Penny Nicholls, Letters to Daisy and critically acclaimed Films of Colour being chosen to headline. Fear not though, music makers; the site will be hosting gigs every year with equally huge opportunities around the country.

If this has grabbed your attention, get out your diary. The 17th of September will open up a whole host of opportunities for new musicians and to be quite honest, you’d be a fool to miss it. Even if you’re not a musician and you just enjoy good music, there’s still heaps for you to get involved in; tickets are fast selling out for the launch where you can have a giggle and hear some great music or even just logging onto the site to find some fun gigs around your area and support your local bands will be fun.

The site URL will be and you can buy tickets to the launch here.

Find MuzoVault on facebook and twitter @muzovault 

[1] Session musicians will have a small fee to pay as they can ‘earn back their membership costs with one gig’.

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