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Live review: Conor Maynard


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Arriving late to the O2 in Liverpool, avoiding the swathe of excitable 14-year-olds, UK rap and vocal group Rascals have just exited the stage.

Conor MaynardThe teen hysteria is at boiling point as the crowd of shrieking girls chant ‘Conor, Conor, Conor’ and as a crew member takes the stage and saysThree cheers for Conor Maynard” the noise is deafening.

The Brighton-born begins with ‘Take Off’, and attempting to Shazam the song is pointless as the volume of screams deafens the music. Maynard talks to the fans and delivers the connection the ‘teenies’ have been waiting for.

As ‘Vegas Girl’ begins and already the audience are singing the first line, Maynard acts as conductor leading his fans into a sing song; looking very pleased with himself, he continues the song.    

The bright lights are dimmed into a soft red and the stage becomes a love scene. Conor sings ‘Drowning’, swiftly moving onto a cover of ‘Take Care’.

The atmosphere is still thriving with the crowd swaying side to side. Maynard makes an eccentric move onto ‘Pictures’ requesting fans to get their cameras out and take a picture. The room sparkles with the lights from the flash. 

Debuting his collaborated song with Ne-Yo, Conor stuns the audience with ‘Turn Around’, an upbeat pop song, promised by many to be hitting the clubs soon, if not already.

After a heated performance, Conor removes his jacket, causing many teenage girls to scream that they want his babies forcing several laughs from the crowd. And one from Conor, teasing the crowd further.

The band begins playing music to Conor’s number one hit, ‘I Can’t Say No’ until the musician abruptly stops the band. He looks towards the fans, and tells them that today; he would not be playing the song. Looking up to the balcony, the disappointed expressions of the fans tell the story.

Conor laughs, and the band restarts, forming a bouncy-castle of jumping fans for the final song of the show.

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