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Album Preview: The xx - Coexist


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The XX's latest release 'Angels' is taken from the forthcoming album 'Coexist' which is set to be as beautiful and as timely as the last. However, with only one song to go by is this too bold a claim?

'Angels' takes us back to the familiar sensation of the first album with the sound of Romy Madley Croft’s voice trickling alongside the hollow sounds of the opening guitar, a combination so lovely it feels like it never left us.

So yes, the song is lovely but I struggle to describe it in any more depth. On asking my younger sister her opinion the answer I received was: ‘It would be my least favourite on the first album’…ouch.

The first album was a roaring success because a) it was different, and b) it was revolutionary and influential, so much so that the release of a second album would need to bring an even greater freshness, a difficult feat we understand. Perhaps it suffers the 'first-single syndrome' and hopefully we shall observe more progression throughout the rest of the album.

With the likes of James Blake, Jamie Woon and Dirty Projectors as powerful names in the current music sphere, The xx can no longer risk producing the same soft and echoey percussive combinations as they did with their first album, at least not without the danger of falling short.

In the midst of the recent production work of Jamie Smith, aka Jamie xx, I was surprised to see that 'Angels' seems to have taken no influence from the dance heavy solo career that has seen Jamie xx rise to music success, however, this is neither a good nor a bad thing and as such… no comment. 

Look out for the release of Coexist via Young Turks on the 10th September. Whether different or not, it is destined for greatness.

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