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Festival review: Dot to Dot 2012


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Pure Love get our Dot to Dot fired off but after witnessing them, we’re not sure if they’d be better off known as the Frank Carter show. “This is a lot different to being in a punk rock band,” a flat capped Frank Carter screams as he takes the centre of the room with dozens of adrenaline fuelled youths moshing around him. Sure, for one song, getting this intimate with your audience might be okay, but when you’re torn between looking at Frank in the centre or the band to the right on stage, you do begin to get neck ache. Saying that though, the catchy optimism of ‘Bury My Bones’ and the jangle of ‘Handsome Devil’s Club’ proves that Frank’s still got it past the confines of hardcore punk.

Dot to dot 2012Further on during the night, Cloud Nothings get the award for best ear-splitting, freak-out as they totally fill the air with an abrasive feedback nothing short of excellent. Most of that’s provided by a set devoted to their latest album Attack on Memory and the crowd look on in hypnotic awe. The rush of ‘Wasted Days’ proved to be the most impressive of the night.

As we walk through the steps up to the Sound Control Loft, we overhear a girl shouting: “I didn’t think this was the type of band people mosh to.” She’s referring to Wavves where, earlier on, a mohawked individual took off his shirt in preparation for high intensity of the band. Just as loud and scuzzy as Cloud Nothings, Nathan Williams’ project got the night to the liveliest as the crowd jumped around hysterically to the likes of ‘King of the Beach,’ ‘Post Acid’ and ‘Super Soaker.’ Even security looked like they had trouble controlling things.

Downstairs however, Random Impulse are a little disappointing. Sure, the likes of ‘Overload’ and ‘Put it on My Card,’ erm, pulsed, with energy reminiscent of early Bloc Party mixed with Tinie Tempah’s catchiness but the rest of the set kind of flew over our heads.

Finally, despite being a little late due to technical problems, Leeds’ Pulled Apart By Horses made the night for us. When we spoke to them earlier in the day, we already got the impression that they were wonderful chaps but their set topped it off.

Energetic and extremely awesome, Pulled Apart By Horses keep adding fuel to the restless crowd (and the mosh pit in the centre) by blasting epic tunes such as ‘V.E.N.O.M,’ Wolf Hand,’ ‘I Punched a Lion in the Throat’ and ‘Moonlit Talons.’ They are so loud in fact that we clock a few people walking away with their fingers in their ears, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The best part however is set closer ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive,’ where the band manage to get the crowd into impromptu dance off just before continuing to impressing everyone. Stars of the entire day and they provide a brilliant end to such a wonderful festival.

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