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Artist Profile: Adam Lambert

8th June 2012

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Adam LambertArtists originating from TV talent shows often struggle to shed the label of mediocrity and stereotype.

It’s natural (if not a little lazy) to make sweeping assumptions on reality acts being traditional - particularly when we're talking about chasing a desired title – but now, there is a simple riposte: Adam Lambert.

The theatrical showman entered season eight of American Idol back in 2009, where his display of dramatics mixed with passionately charged vocals placed him closer to Freddie Mercury than to the narcotic entities that usually flood TV talent shows.

Like most Idol fans, I watched in complete awe as he performed like a ready-made star every week, knocking down the conventions of the American Idol archetypal along the way. He was the virtuoso that the world of reality TV had been waiting for, so when he finished in second place, it was more than just a little bit shocking.

After I picked my jaw off the floor at the sheer disbelief that he didn’t take the crown, it dawned on me that Glambert, as he's known to fans, didn’t win for the very same reason he escaped the "novelty" tag of the Idol premise in the first place - because he’s unorthodox. It simply would have been a crime against music had he been confined to the constraints of musical conservatism imposed by the title. 

Even though things started off a little shaky post-Idol, the diligent singer lived up to his promise when his second record Trespassing became his first No 1 album and, impressively, the first US No 1 album ever by an openly gay artist. It seems fitting that the uncompromising singer - so illustrious for his eccentric existence in his Idol days - continues to break the mould of musical conventionalism.

The challenge of ‘Never Close Our Eyes' will be to try and maintain that success and give him his first, big UK hit. While the track has succumbed to playlist ubiquity with its fuzzy synths and pounding beats, it doesn’t take away the recognition he deserves for his alluring talent and supreme vocals. And, in the wake of his upcoming Queen shows, I think it’s fair to assume that this bohemian will deliver performances more than a little rhapsodic.

Watch the official music video for ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ below:

Lambert will perfrom a set of London Hammersmith Apollo shows with Queen on July 11th,12th and 14th.

'Never Close Our Eyes' is out on June 24 and  his new album Trespassing follows on July 2.

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