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Interview: Dog Is Dead


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Out of Nottingham come Dog is Dead – a five-piece who have been constantly gaining a wider fan base thanks to their equally eclectic mix of jazz, indie-folk and folk.

Dog Is DeadAll only in their early twenties, the band have been working on their debut album and, with people already swooning over the likes of tracks ‘Two Devils’ and ‘Glockenspiel Song,’ anticipation is already very high.

TNS caught up with the band for a little chat…

TNS: How has the album been going? Has it been a relatively easy process or one filled with bump along the way?

DiD:  It’s been pretty straightforward. We always knew how we wanted it to be and how we wanted it to flow.

You all met at school. Does this make you weary of outside influences/new members if it should ever come to it?

We've already passed that hurdle: we found our brilliant new(ish) drummer Harvey last year and he fit in perfectly.

 As ‘Two Devils’ proves, there’s a darker side to the band. Will the album keep a balance between optimistic and darker songs, or will there be a specific focus on one?

We're quite keen to keep the balance. We have the pop side that's fun, but we really love the darker, more thoughtful side to our music and can't wait for people to hear what we've created.

How have you been finding the feedback for ‘Two Devils? Is it what you expected?

It's better than we expected, we figured that having released poppier tracks before it would cause a stir, but we were confident it would be positive for us and it paid off. We suppose it showed people that we weren't just a one trick pony.

Your hotel in Brussels gave your rooms away. Have any similarly horrible or funny stories that happen to you whilst touring?

We once played at the Fridge in London and we were introduced to the stage by a 6 foot transvestite with a beard. That wasn't so much horrible as a bit unnerving...

How was the UK and Irish tour anyway?

The tour was great, we had a blast and the response from all over was brilliant.

What was the best city you played?

There were a few for different reasons. In Birmingham we found ourselves looking at cardboard cut outs of ourselves from the stage, Stornoway had that amazing family like atmosphere and they made us feel so welcome. Lancaster for the amazing venue 'The Library' which was literally a library by day!

You’re playing loads of festivals too. What’s your best festival memory?

Glastonbury 2010 was great. We played the BBC Introducing stage and the tent was packed for us. Maybe Leeds Festival last year. We played on the Thursday to the whole festival, had a great show and then got to enjoy the rest of the festival! This summer is going to be even better though no doubt!

You’ve obviously been growing and gaining more attention over the last year or so. Does it feel like a rollercoaster and is it stressful at times?

It is a bit of a rollercoaster, yeah. We've been constantly busy for about six months and it’s taking its toll, but we're still having a sweet time doing it all and meeting new people everywhere we go. 

Finally, what are you doing next?

Next is festival season, and we are gonna have an amazing time. See you all there!

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