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Interview: Andrew W.K


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Andrew W.K is back, and unlike the lightweights in LMFAO, he is not sorry for party rocking. TNS sat down with the man behind anthems such as ‘Party Hard’ and ‘Party ‘til You Puke’ and gained an insight into the mind of the man who is serious about having fun.

It’s been 11 years now since the release of his debut album I Get Wet. It was the album that changed the face of music with its sheer artistry, revolutionary spirit and a message that has been adopted as a rallying call to the masses: ‘let’s get a party going, now it’s time to party and we’ll party hard.’

After all this time of bringing the good word of the party to the masses you could be forgiven for thinking  Andrew W.K’s commitment to the cause might have wavered, but he laughs in the face of these doubters, boldly claiming: ‘these days I party much, much, much, much harder’. 

Yet it seems there are some that transcend even Andrew W.K himself in his ability to party and ‘deliver joy to the people’, with W.K in sheer awe of the god-like talents of Flo Rida. When asked about the MC, he said: ‘Flo Rida has been developing himself and working hard to make fantastic, fantastic music. I’m with him all the way, get low!’

He shares similar views for party rock compatriots LMFAO, stating: ‘I love LMFAO, I’ll laugh my fucking ass off all day long! And that joy is laughter. Laughter is the gift the gods have given us to confirm that it feels good to not be dead.’ Yet these bringers of joy are not bestowed with the same god-like status as Flo-Rida, as they have a grave error of judgement that Andrew Wk rightly picks them up on: ‘never apologise for partying, that’s just ridiculous!’

If you can’t party with Andrew WK in person at one of his shows he suggests that you should come down to New York and visit his nightclub, the Santos Party House which he declares is the ‘architectural embodiment of partying hard, physically manifesting the party spirit’. When he isn’t tied down with other commitments, W.K is frequently DJing, and promises the same enjoyment and intensity in his DJ sets as his live shows. If you are ever in New York, he promises you a night to remember.

When he finds time to get away from his strenuous schedule of partying, Andrew WK spends his time as a motivational speaker. He believes that joy is the most important thing in life and we should do everything we can to achieve happiness. His goal of spreading joy has led him to conduct motivational talks across US universities, including Yale and New York University.

‘Any way that we can get to that joy, any mode, any method any tool or any system that allows us to get to that state of euphoric power we will try and embrace. Rock and roll happens to be a very effective way to get there. But you know what? Words are very powerful as well,' he says.  

The new age self help philosophy helps me get to those people that don’t like rock, and I’m not going to turn that route down. Self help is a clear cut, straight to the point path that gets you from A-B, and it’ll probably get me from A-Z too.’

Andrew has fully embraced the rise of the internet in his quest to spread the word of the party, particularly with Twitter, where he shares ‘party tips’, a midpoint between  his desire to spread joy and his life’s work of partying.

He told TNS that some of his top party tips include ‘no act of kindness however small is wasted, and no act of partying, however soft is wasted’, and ‘put your party where your mouth is’. We asked Andrew if he could give us an exclusive party tip and he duly obliged, advising the nation’s students to... read. Elaborating on the matter, he said: ‘if you can read in any language you’re off to a good start.’ Hmmm.

His approach to life, although easily to ridicule, is admirable and we can actually learn something from the man. He truly believes that ‘the best thing you can do is take having fun extraordinarily seriously’, and why not? Life is taken far too seriously by many. Perhaps we need characters like Andrew W.K who don’t take life seriously to remind us to live in the moment and be a little more light-hearted.   

Andrew W.K is a unique character with a positive message and a party attitude. Much of his character is epitomised with his final piece of advice as the interview concludes: ‘Keep partying, and if anybody tells you to not have fun or that you can’t do what you want to do, then fuck them’.

Regardless of whether you view him as a musical tribute to Wayne’s World, a crazed eccentric or a fun loving rocker, you simply have to admire Andrew W.K’s commitment to partying.

Catch Andrew W.K on his upcoming UK Tour commencing this week.

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