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Album review: You Slut!- Medium Bastard


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Too often, instrumental bands are underrated, quickly overlooked dismissed for their lack of vocals.  You Slut! however are simply impossible to ignore.

You Slut!The Derby/Nottingham four-piece play an idiosyncratic brand of genre-pushing 'math-rock' bursting with energy and aggression. When listening to You Slut! expect the unexpected as the dissonant instrumentals dart between melodic intricacy and controlled chaos.

You Slut! aren’t a band that are known for holding anything back, and this is certainly the case with their newest release Medium Bastard, a completely ferocious album that is gripping and unpredictable in equal measure.  

'Magnifierer' is the stand out track being a schizophrenic number that alternates between discord and bedlam, with the twisting guitars constantly shifting gears that listeners couldn’t possibly see coming.

'Elton Chong' offers another glimpse into the twisted genius of the band. At two minutes long, it is one of the bands shorter songs, yet it more than makes up for it with substance. It opens as it intends to continue, wasting no time in unleashing a characteristically aggressive riff, which slowly builds to a crescendo where all hell breaks loose.

You Slut! is a band that write technical, convoluted music layered with intricacies and surprises at every turn. Their music is certainly experimental, but it smashes all conventions expected in the genre, with songs that grab you by the throat and drag you into a world of pure anarchy.

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