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New Band of The Day: Uno Moller


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Norwegian singer songwriter Uno Moller has proven less can be more with his stripped down folk jam packed with passion and grace. His music is refined but by no means basic, with a delicate mellow guitar harmonizing with a haunting, emotional voice to create tracks thatUno are dark, but enticing.

A stand out track of Uno Moller’s is 'Creature Days'. Its layered guitars slowly build and create a sense of freedom and grant the song a wild, untamed nature to it. This is contrasted to the trapped, withdrawn motif running through the lyrics to provide an enigmatic yet pleasant listen.

New single 'Riots' is a much calmer affair. A slow, soothing melody is accompanied by a vocal duet of Moller and Lucy Swann who elegantly and effectively combine. Lyrically, it is pensive, yet hopeful, with lines such as ‘silent eyes, sing your song for my tired mind am I still alone?’ granting an uncertain yet profound sense of hope to the track.

In Uno Moller, there is a distinct level of craftsmanship, with no note put to waste and each delicate arrangement creating a calm yet emotional vibe.

Listen to upcoming single Riots below: 

Uno Moller - Riots (with Lucy Swann) by lazyacrerecords

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