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New Band of the Day: Young Fathers


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At a recent show in Edinburgh, where images of street parties projected all around, Young Fathers broke the fan/band barrier by...serving plates of chicken and rice to fans. There's always been an intimate feeling to their shows, opting to get in the closest proximity to their fans at their beguiling live shows. 

Despite having an enthralling and aggresive vibe about them, there's always been one, more unconventional reference point critics have made about the trio.

Alongside the electro-tinge of single 'Nothing Left,' the chilled-out reggae of 'Romance,' or the menacing beats of 'Rumbling,' the band have the unmistakable image of a boyband. 

Certainly one of the more interesting acts, it'll be interesting to see where 2012 takes them. They have a mixtape available here. Oh, and this is pretty ace too.

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