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Review: Pulled Apart By Horses Album Launch


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Pulled Apart By Horses make music that’s best enjoyed loud, drunk and in the middle of a moshpit.

Buffalo Bar in Islington is an intimate venue, then, for the surprise live debut of their forthcoming album Tough Love. There’s barely room for the obligatory 12-year-olds to swing their hair at the front – perhaps this is deliberate, given the clear maturing in the band’s sound, but the Leeds foursome still play with all the live energy they’ve built up a reputation for. Pulled Apart By Horses

As for the new sound – well it’s nothing new, for one. Pulled Apart By Horses are still unashamedly derivative, but when the result is straight-up hardcore rock n roll nobody’s complaining. The band have got heavier if anything, but are noticeably more polished – less frantic, with more opportunity for actual musical development and considered structure. This more mature outlook does not extend as far as lyrics, however – ‘you haven’t got balls’ howls Tom Hudson on new single VENOM. Quite.

By the sounds of it, Tough Love is more of the same, but the same is louder and tighter and heavier. It’s still not sophisticated, but it’s still fast and fun. They may not be doing anything new, but Pulled Apart By Horses are good at what they do - and give every indication they'll be doing it for a while yet.

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