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Review: Future of the Left - Polymers Are Forever


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Where 2009’s Travels With Myself And Another saw Future of the Left polish off the rough edges allowing the finer nuances of their sound to break through, there was something in its polish and grandiose pomposity that felt a little bit wrong coming from the ex-Mclusky boys.

Future of the LeftNow back with a new line-up and on a new label (Xtra Mile) FOTL are back with this six-track teaser for a new full-length album due out next year.

On Polymers Are Forever, the violent synth-lines that have always distinguished FOTL from their former band are dragged further to the fore but some of the brash noise lost on Travels returns with a vengeance.

These elements are combined to bring FOTL back to their snarling punk best, but with sense of moving forward.

As with all the best punks Future of the Left have a healthy dose of absurdity, not least in Andrew Falkous' lyrics spinning out nonsensical narratives and crackpot sound bites akin to The Fall. Despite making little discernable sense, it has always been the words that have drawn people into the mêlée, as they have a twisted charm.

The title track speeds along with hypnotic synths, and crushing riffs and is as joyously shambolic as anything they have ever done. ‘Emily’ is pure snotty punk rock, with Falkous’ lyrics being as absurd as ever.

Classic alt-rock influences are apparent on ‘My Wife’, with it being built on the kind of loping. low-key guitar chimes made famous by Slint creating a subdued but sinister number. "Sinister" is what FOTL have always done so well, but sinister with a smile, like the band are teasing you (are they evil or just having a laugh?).

All in all Polymers Are Forever is not a complete return to form, but it shows that there is much to look forward to for the album proper next year. FOTL still sounds like no one else, and are always worth a listen.

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