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Review: Pinkunoizu - Pink EP


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Peep EP is the first release from Pinkunoizu, a band whose self-professed mission is “To never come full circle. To move hazily in bended ellipses. To bow the line and play it like a fiddle. To shoot it like an arrow. To climb the razorblade pyramid. To collect the cubic rubble from the ruins of tradition and put it together anew.” Right... Whilst it is unclear whether whoever came out with that gem of a mission statement was tripping or just taking the piss, Peep EP is probably exactly what you’d expect from them.

The first song, 'Time is Like a Melody', sounds like Animal Collective on acid. Animal Collective already sound like they’re on acid – so this is some pretty trippy stuff. Think acoustic folk guitar and harmonised folk vocals singing “melody melody melody melody melody” over shimmering folk synths and you’ve got the gist. 

The next track, 'Everything is Broken or Stolen', has a lovely Arabesque melody line re-imagined for synth and maybe sitar (synth sitar?) and some spacey MGMT-style vocals.

The song breaks off halfway to radio static and the unexpected arrival of an equally spaced female vocalist, which is nice, all over a pleasant repetitive background that sounds like it could be the new Spyro the Dragon theme music. The whole experience lasts about 8 minutes – and it is a nice high-folky-world-music-retro-video-game experience, but may have been better kept to half that length.

Final song 'Dairy Queen' is sinister and dreamy, opening with the vocals of a man who sounds like he’s about to start crying, some slow drums and some more folky type instruments like flutes. The whole song then mutates into some creepy static-y moans and then a full five minutes of some gentle folk-rock cello /lo-fi guitar / Arcade Fire-esque vocal melodies, gradually building into what is almost a viable pop song, which ends with some more flutes.

It’s a grower, I think.

Apparently the members (Jaleh Negari, Jeppe Brix, Andreas Pallisgaard, Jakob Falgren)  are already big players on the Danish rock scene (what, you haven’t heard of them either?) and for a first effort Peep EP is undeniably polished, for all its being a trippy muddle. It’s definitely worth a listen, if you’re into this kind of thing – whatever this kind of thing is, there are moments that hint at what may be hidden genius. With a debut album due next year, Pinkunoizu show a lot of promise, if a lack of direction.

Peep EP released 7/11/2011 on Full Time Hobby

Download 'Time is Like a Melody' at

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