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New Band of the Day - Mint Julep


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From: Portland

Members: Hollie and Keith Kenniff

Background: London's Summer Camp have a debut album out next week and Portland's Mint Julep are to follow suit shortly after. Whilst we're fans of the Camp's flavour of honey-suckled sweetness, we like to shake it up a bit and Mint Julep's mix of industrial and synth pop is just what we, and you, might need to counter that sugar rush.

The couple have been making music together way before Mint Julep. The only exception this time round is the more central role Hollie has as opposed to her subdued overlaid vocals in Keith's solo projects. If Keith's name sounds familiar, that's because he was in Helios and Goldmund which some of you might be familiar with.

Their sublime debut album (precursored by Songs About Snow which was essentially a prototype for their debut) Save Your Season has been out for a few months in the US but there's a chance alot of you won't have heard it yet. 'Aviary' is the best track on it: a mish-mash of tick tocking percussions which bounce gently off a hazy blanket before it all monumentally takes off into the brighter melodies of New Order. 'Days Gone By' meanwhilst is a gritty rehash of Nine Inch Nails mixing it up with 80's synth power pop and 'Time is Distance' might just be what Little Boots could produce next. Everything's compliment by Hollie's alluring voice which hypnotically drags you in like a rabbit in headlights.

Download: 'Aviary'

Similar To: Kraftwerk, Nine Inch Nails and New Order.


Mint Julep - Save Your Season (album preview) by Keith Kenniff - Helios

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