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Interview: Dappy


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Dappy doesn’t exactly fit the mould. Example has the cool, Ed Sheeran has the words, Tinie has the dancefloor, Wretch-32 has ‘the one to watch’. So ahead of the release his debut single ‘No Regrets’, what could a chap called Dappy possibly bring to the already overcrowded male solo artist arena?

DappyBeing one of the UK’s more er, eccentric pop stars, to quote the marmite types: the public tend to love him or hate him. But whatever your feelings, most would agree: not many people take him seriously.

However, the facts are this: after 12 years with N Dubz the man in the hat has sold two million records, won a stupid amount of awards including a MOBO, and sold out tours across the country.

Ahead of its release ‘No Regrets’ already has over five million YouTube hits. Even those who know him as the one that made them laugh on Never Mind The Buzzcocks must admit: the boy done good!

But before we can consider all this, first I just have to clear one thing up, why Dappy?  “It comes from Dapper, which means you know what time it is, you have you head screwed on, you’re a baller!”

So with this in mind, maybe there is more sense to this guy than we first all thought. More Dapper than Dappy after all?

There are certainly enough hysterical teenage girls who would concur just as much.  Granted some are keener than others: “Someone has my face tattooed on her back! It’s crazy.”

But despite his hordes of teen fans, Dappy reckons while it’s important to be grateful of the attention, you have to stay humble:

“You need to be humble when you see someone going hysterical because they are going mad for the music that you have struggled to make. I always feel grateful for it though so always give the love back.”

However, he’s not giving everyone ‘the love back’: “Only if they are over 21! But just a little flirt to make them feel good about themselves! The young ones you just give a hug! But the older ones might get a little kiss on a cheek, but nothing more than that.”

Girls aside, for now he has an album to concentrate on making. For now he’s on his own and hoping he can match the success of his group: “If I get two number ones and have a successful album then maybe I could. I’ve never had so many YouTube hits like with ‘No Regrets’ – it’s like five million in a few months. I’m like ‘Wow! I did it myself’.”

However with five million YouTube hits comes nearly as many comments, some not as nice as others. Not that Dappy is letting that bother him: “I don’t mind if I get negative comments. I know what I wrote and what I have done and if someone says it’s not good, they obviously are just stupid and don’t know real music or real lyrics.”

“Or they are just negative. There were people who didn’t like Tinie’s ‘Pass Out’ – how can you not like ‘Pass Out’? They are just stupid. That’s their opinion but it’s a stupid opinion.”

Flying solo for the first time, Dappy admits he is missing his former band mates on stage: “Yeah, course I miss them, they aren’t there. But I can breathe now and we can all do what we want to do. But we are always driving the N Dubz name upward so when we come back in two years’ time we will be bigger than ever.”

And before you ask: N Dubz are not breaking up: “No way are we splitting! Don’t believe what you read in the papers – it’s all crap. Fazer and T are like my family, my best buddies. I have Tulisa’s name tattooed on my arm, she is like my sister!”

But the headlines continue to roll out, not that Dappy is letting it bother him. “Fuck them!” he says simply. “You trust people and then they just mess you over. Fuck them, I don’t care.” And I honestly believe him.

And why would he care? Who knows? Looks like it might be Dappy having the last laugh. Like he says: “When you come into the game, you have to make sure you bring something new.”

Whatever your criticisms, you have to admit: he certainly manages to do that.

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