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They are the Resurrected - The Stone Roses return!


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The Stones RosesIn terms of reunions, this is the biggie. No, I am not talking about pop-dregs Steps, but probably the most legendary of all British indie bands (bar the Smiths), The Stone Roses, announced last night they are reforming, not just for a cash-in but for good!

They are planning two massive hometown gigs on June 29th and 30th, then more gigs and are promising a load of new songs on their set-list.

Music fans across the globe are salivating at the prospect, but while there is chance of this being a triumphant return, there is as much chance this could soil one of the greatest musical legacies of all time.

In 1989, the Stone Roses were ‘IT’ – the generation defining band, who on the back of some incredible singles and one of the most perfect debut albums of all time captured the mood of the nation completely.

But they dropped the ball. They could have been the biggest band on the planet, but they took five years to release a follow-up at which point other bands (namely Oasis) had already stepped into the void to capitalise on the buzz Roses had created.

It didn’t help that the album, The Second Coming, was a hit and miss affair which, whilst it did have moments of brilliance, was not great enough to step above the pure excitement caused by Oasis’ debut Definitely Maybe.

By 1996, two original members has left the band (drummer Reni and band-lynchpin, guitarist John Squire), and the band without them became a joke. Disastrous festival sets at Reading and Benicassim ended with fans booing and throwing things at the stage.  The band were not on form and Ian Brown’s vocals were described as "so off-key it was excruciating to have to listen"

The band finally died a death in October 1996.

But such was the power of their early years and debut album they have an almost mythical status, and rumours of a reunion have been rife for years.

It seemed unlikely with Ian Brown enjoying solo success and bassist Mani’s position in the eternally brilliant Primal Scream, keeping them more than occupied.

Now having buried the hatchet, and obviously succumbing to the colossal fees being offered them the band are back!

Will it all be worth it? Ian Brown seems to think so.

This is a live resurrection, and you're invited, so you better be there,' he said.

'We've still got it in us. No one in the world can touch the Stone Roses when we play together.

He could be right – here’s hoping this is a wonderful return to form for one of the greatest bands of all time, and not the final nail in the coffin of their legacy.

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