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New Band of the Day - Letting Up Despite Great Faults


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Letting Up Despite Great FaultsFrom:  Los Angeles

Members: Michael Lee, Kent Zambrana and Chris Gregory.

Background: Fans of American teen drama One Tree Hill might find the sound Letting Up Despite Great Faults familiar  – their name deriving from the Blonde Redhead song ‘Loved Despite Great Faults.’ The track ‘Disasters are Okay’ featured on the show. Whilst it’s a decent piece of aspirational indie pop, it’s a margin away from what they’re truly capable of.

Lovers of the Radio Dept. won’t be disappointed by LUDGF. ‘Our Younger Noise’ is a wonderful indie-pop hit that’s as alluringly atmospheric as anything their Swedish cousins can produce. Equally we liken ‘In Steps’ dancefloor charm as their own ‘Heaven’s on Fire’ with added New Order-esque bass lines for good measure.

They’ve a fantastic debut EP coming out in October which will surely satisfy all you nostalgics out there. ‘Teenage Tides’ slacker guitar comes straight out of a Smashing Pumpkins album whilst the nu wave-ish ‘Repeating in Hearts’ and frothing synth of ‘Sophia in Gold’ repeats the same hypnotic charm we mentioned earlier. It’s front-man Michael Lee who takes centre stage though. Smooth and dazed, Michael’s voice is as mesmerising as the instrumentation. They come to the UK in 2012 and we’re looking forward to catching them.

Download: Teenage Tide and Our Younger Noise

Similar To: The Radio Dept, The Smashing Pumpkins and the Postal Service.


Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Teenage Tide by lettingup

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