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New Band of the Day - Bastille


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Members: Dan Smith and Friends

BastilleBackground: The recent wave of electronic artists has no doubt brought a “vintage” feel with it. Go back further to yesteryear’s indie and you might have been enamoured with I Was a Cub Scout just as much as we were. Queue Bastille. Even if their use of triangles might suggest a witch house association, their bubbling synths are just warm enough to remind us of the Scouts finest moments. ‘Flaws’ is the perfect example - sounding like a mini space shuttle taking off.

It doesn’t stop there either. With Friendly Fire’s wonderful ‘Pala’ dominating the indie charts this summer, it won’t be unlikely if the tropical beats of ‘Icarus’ does just as well. Crowds will no doubt be drawn to Smith’s voice too. We can’t help but compare it to the Maccabees’ Orlando Weeks or even Luke Concannon of Nizlopi.

Whilst moods have been modest so far, Bastille throw a real curveball by way of ‘Laura Palmer.’ With semi-industrial bass lines, glittering synths and bombastic harmonies, ‘Laura Palmer’ feels like the younger cousin of Duran Duran. Such references aren’t surprising either. Smith’s pop culture fandom got him in trouble with Youtube – ‘Flaws’ use of Terrence Malick’s film ‘Badlands’ in its video triggered words from the video website. Currently Bastille are working on their album which is promised to be released next year. We’re looking forward to it.

Download: Flaws and Icarus.

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