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Is Cher Lloyd your No.1??


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So Cher Lloyd has reached number one on the UK single chart.cher lloyd

Here are some of your reactions;

“Swagger Jagger? I'd rather grab'er and jab'er. C*nt.”

“Cher Lloyd - Swagger Jagger number 1! Whaaat?? Its absolute shit.”

“Bad innit. Can't believe it's number one. Britain is deaf!”

When example opened his notorious mouth and quipped; 'Cher Lloyd's single has been leaked. The biggest crime since she got a record deal.' I think he counted himself and his audience as her target market.

I feel all you haters have missed the point of Cher Lloyd.

Let me set the scene for you.

How did you feel about Bieber Fever? 

"Bieber brings all the girls to the yard, they're like can you even get hard"


"Don't Worry, If We All Die In 2012, Justin Bieber Goes With Us."

My thirteen year old sister went to sleep with a Bieber poster above her bed for a very very long time. When I was the same age me and my friend took turns in kissing an Aaron Carter poster on my wall. We had a fight over who he would ask out and never spoke again.

With all this in mind, please imagine yourself as an eleven year old child, you’ve just discovered converse, make-up and boys.

Now watch this.

Isn’t she the most rock and roll person ever?


The geniuses that make up Cher Lloyds marketing team deserve a round of applause.

I for one will be thoroughly disappointed if there is not a Cher Lloyd stationary set in WHSmith very very soon.

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