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Draco Malfoy makes the move into... hip hop?


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Tom FeltonNot content with making magic on the big screen, Draco Malfoy (a.k.a. Tom Felton in real life, apparently) has revealed that like so many ill-fated young actors before him, he is going to make a move on the music scene. His style of choice? Hip hop.

Citing Dappy as an inspiration, the star told the Sun that he is hoping to “get into the grime rap UK scene”. As skinny white boys go, Dappy is an unlikely enough poster child for the grime scene – but even he doesn’t have the dubious accolade of schoolboy-villain-of-the-year hanging round his neck.

So how does Felton hope to gain credibility? An image change is in order, apparently – “backward caps, the lot”. Oh dear. The ultimate Harry Potter film has finally been released to critical acclaim.

Its many young actors are on top of their game and more famous than ever: one can only hope for Felton’s sake that he doesn’t screw that up by turning himself into a musical non-entity - like so many hopeful starlets before him. 


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