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Beach Break interview: We are Scientists


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Whilst at Beach Break we caught up with two thirds American band We Are Scientists who are now one third British with the inclusion of ex-Razorlight member Andy Burrows. We had a little sing-song and talked about seagulls....

We Are ScientistsTNS: You guys haven’t played here before. Are you expecting any differences because the majority, if not all of the attendants, are students?

Chris Kane: We’re expecting a more lively crowd.

Keith: I’m expecting a more educated crowd. Hopefully they’re more enlightened but also free from the bourgeoisie that prevent people from having sex in a field whilst surrounded by other people.

Is this the youngest audience you’ve played to at a festival?

Keith: Many in our audiences have been below student age.

What was your first festival experience?

Keith: I think Reading and Leeds was the first time in 2006.

Chris: Definitely went to some local festivals in South Florida when I was growing up. I saw Mr Big play and it was a full day nightmare. There was an R n B act.

Keith: Wasn’t Sister Hazel there?

Chris: No because this was pre Sister Hazel although I saw them as they were from Gainsville which is where I went to University.

Keith: I love your story of seeing them at an apartment building pool.

Chris: I’m not sure they would have made it big here. They had a massive hit in the US in 95 I think.

Keith and Chris break into song whilst Andy looks in bemusement.

What was your student like as a student?

Chris: I learned how to be an unstoppable force. Every professor told me I was the brightest and brashest and I gave them hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Worst festival experience?

Chris: I remember one year at Reading and Leeds and being convinced I was repeatedly exposed to faecal matter. There were cesspits coming out of everywhere.

Andy: You were only backstage too.

Keith: I remember it was pouring rain once and faeces were actually pouring out. My suspicion is that George Clinton was pumping that out.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen?

Andy: Everyone used to light fires at Reading. I think it’s sensible’d up now but everyone was setting fire bombs and stuff. It was like a scene from Mad Max

Keith: I remember seeing a seagull trying to get two hot dogs into its mouth. The second was poking back out as it was choking. I was the only one that saw it and it started sweating. I’d never a seagull sweat but this one had cartoon style sweat coming out of it. The only more ambitious bird was one where it swooped down at Liam Fray from the Courteeners.

Chris: Isn’t it the case that birds can’t throw up and if you feed them Alka-Seltzer they just blow up.

Andy: That’s how birds feed their kids.

How have the influences from Andy joining rubbed off on you and vice versa?

Chris: There’s definitely a lot of common ground and a lot of songs like Sister Hazel that he asks us about.

Keith: Andy would never have drank a Coors Light and we would never have been to a British pub.

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