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Live: Up-and-coming band TEETH play The Macbeth in London


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With increasing Radio 1 airplay, recent stints supporting Sleigh Bells and 2010’s hit single “See Spaces” featured on the 10th Kitsuné Maison compilation (that herald of all that is hip and happening), TEETH are a band to watch out for. TNS caught up with them as they played the painfully cool Macbeth in Shoreditch, the perfect venue for the edgy trio.

TEETH, I am disappointed to find out, are not named after the 2007 horror film about a young girl who has teeth in her vagina. “We came first,” claims singer Veronica, rolling her eyes in a way that suggests she’s answered this particular question before. Drummer Simon dismisses the association, telling me that the band “have our own vagina references”. Okay… Frontwoman Veronica So - I moustache you a question.

Whatever these may be, tonight’s show demonstrates that this band have a lot more than that going for them. Despite a tiny venue – and some major hitches – TEETH certainly know how to get a crowd going, even if half of the crowd have to pause at the end of every song to readjust their hair. Oh, Shoreditch. TEETH are like a happier Crystal Castles, if Crystal Castles had an extra member and knew how to put together a melody (of sorts). Basically, ear-splitting synths, insane drumming and one of the coolest frontwomen pop has seen in a long time. Over-enthusiastic drumming leads to a broken bass pedal that brings the set to a temporary standstill (“we are down for maintenance” announces the singer through her vocoder; it takes me a full minute to realise that this is not just another weird song) but the band get straight back into it, Veronica soon bouncing around like a hyperactive 3 year old again. 

The band have an album due in May – you can check out their EPs on their myspace, – and with their unique brand of wonky noise-pop you get the feeling TEETH are going places. The set tonight comes to an unfortunate early finish: they are pulled off stage, apparently for being too loud. As reasons for finishing early go, that’s fairly rock ‘n’ roll. Get ready for TEETH – you’ll probably be hearing a lot more of them in 2011.

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