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Interview: Flo-Rida

13th December 2010

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When you're an international big-hitter, everyone wants a piece of you. And in 2010 you don't get much bigger than Flo-Rida -  number ones, millions of sales, award nominations and an army of fans.

We hook with our man Flo as he kicks back in his hotel room, whilst promoting his new single 'Turn Around' and new mini-album Only 1 Flo.

Born to the 187th Street projects of Carol City, Florida Flo is named after the place that gave him his 'rhythm and style'. Ever since he burst onto the scene in 2008 with mega-smash hit 'Low' he has come out with hit after hit including last year's Timbaland produced transatlantic chart-topper 'Right Round' which broke the record for the most one week digital sales in the US, clearing 636,000 copies, beating his own record for 'Low'.

This success has seen him become the go-to guy for hot collaborations, adding a touch of Flo-rida to your tunes is a good move. Just ask the likes of Lady Gaga, Three 6 Mafia and Alexandra Burke. People have also been queuing up to appear on Flo's own albums, him having already attracted the talents of Nelly Furtardo, Keisha and Ne-Yo to his tunes. With all this talent already on his list, who else would he like to work with?

"I've been lucky enough to collaborate with a lot of peeps, I think it would have to be Beyonce. I mean, I've got mad love for her as an artist and as a person."

Surprisingly Flo has also now hooked up with one of the UK's own hot pop prospects, working with The Saturdays on the girls ninth single 'Higher'. He hooked up with the girl group in August after he beat them to the number one spot in the UK for the second time.

"Oh yeah, they are talented and erm… cute. I hung out with them and they were cool, so I mean it seemed like the right thing to do. "

Having a natural progression from the rap-underground, how does Flo-Rida feel about the dominance of the made-for-the-market pop-stars from reality talent shows?

"Great to have those type of shows around and give people a chance to shine and reach their potential. I'm a fan and watch American Idol and also catch the X Factor. "

The chat turns to latest single 'Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1)' which again blends Flo's trademark sound of fresh rap and RnB fused with infectious pop hooks which was an exciting taster for the imminent mini-album out 13th December. So what can we expect from this new release?

"It's actually in two parts which features the likes of Nas, Akon and Ludacris who is one of my favourite rappers out there. It's all about my flo and style. Inspired by hanging out."

Aside from music Flo-Rida has a few more strings to his bow. He even once started a degree, but music was always his main focus.

"Music was always in my mind and it was what I had passion for. I mean, don't get me wrong I was interested in studying and if I continued I think I'd be in business by now."

But he may be stepping into the business world regardless, as he hints at a possible fashion career.

"I'm gonna focus on that market, I mean, I'm working on that and you can expect something further down the line. That's all I can say for now."

And while we discuss him branching out he suggests that we may be seeing the rise of Flo-Rida 'the actor' on our screens.
"I mean, that's something I'd like to try my hand at, I'm definitely one for trying new things. So yeah, watch out for me on the big screen in the future."

Not that he needs our help to sell himself we draw our talk to a close by giving Flo the last word for his fans.

"I'd like to thanks everyone who has supported me and brought my singles and albums and shown me love at my gigs. I got a lot of love for my peeps and I want them to continue to support me by buying my new single and album. Also, to hit me up on Twitter at florida etc and my official site I'm actually giving out ipads on twitter so check that out for sure."

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