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Review: Tim Kasher - The Game of Monogamy


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For many Tim Kasher is the quintessential artist who channels teen angst, emotional and heartbreaking songs for you to either moan or cry to whilst sat in your bedroom.

Kasher channelled these emotions mainly through Cursive which alongside Bright Eyes provided a soundtrack to a lot of people growing up through their teenage years. So what of Kasher as a solo artist?

The Game of Monogamy seems to be unable to decide what it is. On one hand Kasher seems to take a very strong cinematic approach through the peaceful, tranquil strings and minimalistic yet touching piano strikes of 'Monogamy Overture' which could soundtrack an avante garde independent movie. On the other hand 'Cold Love', for example, contains the indie pop sensibilities that Of Montreal display through their flamboyant charm.

Now it's not the bi-polar nature of the record that lets it down. It's the lyrical nonsense that fails it. It all becomes rather pretentious and predictable. Listening to the misogynistic cries of Kasher makes him sound like a grown man who's crying over things he should have forgotten a long time ago. Kasher is the man that would annoyingly push his problems towards everyone else.

Musically The Game of Monogamy is a half decent record. It has some charm to it alongside some dramatic and intelligent surprises. That's all good only if you're able to endure the same bland and repetitive emotional cries of a man who has maybe grown a little too much out of his clothes.

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