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Review: Rihanna - Loud


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As soon as sassy superstar Rihanna wrapped up her latest tour 'Last Girl on Earth', she turned her full attention to working on her fifth album, 'Loud'. RiRi is back with more cutting edge fashions, music mash-ups and catchy songs that will have you singing for the rest of the day.

Rhianna LoudAs the name suggests her new album 'Loud' promises to be jam packed with fast tempo and upbeat club anthems. However, Rihanna, not being one to stick to just the one genre, has included more rock-anthem styled songs too. Rihanna has said that she wanted the album to be something her fans could list to from start to finish, which meant including a wide variety of sounds.

During the summer Rihanna achieved her seventeenth number one single with 'Love The Way You Lie' a collaboration between her and rapper Eminem. Fans of this song will be excited to hear that 'Love The Way You Lie Part II' will be included in her new album. Part II is dominated by Rihanna's vocals, and as the verses are styled more like a ballad, it really shows off Rihanna's talents.

Her latest single 'Only Girl (In The World)' is her first release from 'Loud', which sold over 126,000 copies. This gave Rihanna the second biggest first-week single of the year so far. It is not surprising, due to this track includes incredibly strong vocals from Rihanna and an Ibiza-ready backing track. It's soulful, playful and very easy to listen to.

Despite Loud having more love ballads and dance songs, don't let that fool you! RiRi is still as shocking as ever. What with her 2009 hits 'Rude Boy' and 'Hard', it was thought that Rihanna's lyrics could not get any more provocative. The track 'S&M' doesn't disappoint. This track is set to be the loudest and most controversial track on the album including lyrics like: "Sticks and Stones may break my bones / But whips and chains excite me". Like her previous tracks we are expecting this song to become a club anthem upon it's release.

You will be able to check out all of Rihanna's new tracks on 15th November .

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