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Interview: Lauren Pritchard


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Lauren Pritchard. If you haven't heard her name before you should be prepared to hear it on everybody's lips because I have a very strong feeling that this girl is going to be huge!

Lauren Pritchard
There is a buzz around the release of her debut album Wasted in Jackson and the release of her single 'Not the Drinking' on 25th October falls in a rather hectic time for the Tennessee musician. She is currently touring up and down the UK on 'The Island Life Tour' along with other up-and-coming 'Island Records' act Pearl and The Puppets, Tinashe and Pete Lawrie.

"I'm only just starting to get used to how hectic and crazy everything has been for me over the past year. I've been really busy what with touring and traveling all over the place. But recently it all seems to be snowballing as the album and single are getting released. It's all very exciting though!"

With this crazy schedule the worry was that the stress would make for a rushed and unresponsive interview. There was no such problem! The genuinely lovable came on the line with a cheery 'hello', and the conversation flowed like we were old friends. Pritchard doesn't seem to let recognition from music legends such as Paul Weller, affect her. The Modfather is such a fan she has even performed with him.

"He is the loveliest guy. And he has been so nice to me about my music. Of course, I am a big fan of his, not only his singing but also his writing. He has a great song writing style."

There is also another collaboration in the pipeline between her and rapper Professor Green. I was very interested in particular in how this would work between the two vastly different artists.

"We're hoping to create a hybrid of music styles. He raps, I sing. We're about half way through the song but we're both so busy. We've both touring a lot recently so neither of us has had a second to breathe. But hopefully when we're both finished and everything is chilled we'll start working together again."

Being signed to prestigious record label Island Records, has obviously seen people pay attention to her - Island has always boasted some of the best talent. Working with the label has given her the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people on the roster. She performed at this year's iTunes festival with Florence and The Machine and Mumford & Sons produced and performed on her track 'When the Night Kills the Day'.

"When you're around such talented people like Florence and Mumford, you want to gain all of the experience you can get with them and you want to absorb everything about them like a sponge. Some of the best advice I got whilst working with 'Island Records' was when I was working with Mumford on 'When the Night Kills the Day' he said to me "Make sure you always work with people who care a lot about the music" and it stuck with me. It's very important to remember that."

Having left her home town of Jackson, Tennessee I was interested in finding out why she had chosen to give up her life in America and pursue a career in the UK and live in London.

"I came to London to record my single 'Not the Drinking' with Eg White. He has a house in London with a recording studio in his home basement. Plus, I love it in London. I'm having a great time here. Eg is an awesome guy to work with. He helped me throughout the whole record. He's sort of like a mad scientists of music, he has so many ideas and works so quickly that it takes a minute to get used to his frantic pace. But it's a great place to be. I love working with him."

For those of you who are unaware of who Eg White is, he is the man who is responsible for writing Duffys and Adele's hits. He also sounds like a very lovely man after hearing Lauren gush about him.

Prtichard, it would appear, is making many strong and influential music connections in the music industry. She deserves all of this recognition; her vocal and writing talents are well worthy of attention and praise.

"My favourite song on the album is 'Try a Little Harder' which took a couple of days for me to write. I get all of my inspiration from life experience and 'Try a Little Harder' comes from a conversation I was having with a friend during the height of the finical crisis. We discussed how no one helps people as much as they should. We're all struggling whether it's debt or anything else. We should all try a little harder to reach out to the person next to us."

It is easy to tell that Lauren Pritchard is on a passionate high about her music and music in general. With the album and new single out this month it is obvious this early momentum is not going let up. Look out for her. I have a feeling she's going to be big!

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