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Review: Malta Music Week

14th September 2010

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Two hours and 55 minutes is all it takes to escape the impounding claustrophobia of London's busy streets and find yourself on an interesting mix of a Spanish holiday resort and a secluded ancient island off the south coast of Italy.

Malta Music Week

Size wise; think Isle of Wight (plus a couple of small villages floating on their own on the outskirts). 17 different beaches inhabit the island and although that number seems large, compare it with the numbers of somewhere like Greece and you'll understand just how small we're talking.

What Malta lacks in square metres though, it certainly makes up for in culture, entertainment, location and climate. The most densely populated island in Europe; it's hard to believe some of the things going down on this hot little haven.

Now I know what you're thinking, 'my parents went on holiday to Malta last week with their reading club,' but I can guarantee you, your naughty parents lied if they said they just read all day. Let me introduce you to Malta Music Week.

Like Creamfields? Then you'll love this! Creamfields Malta; Set in Ta Qali National Park and three other dance arenas at Numero Uno grounds (two massive outdoor clubs) this year played host to the likes of Eric Prydz, Pete Tong and Ferry Corsten. Even the walks between the two camps became high-on-life Maltese residents' own private dance parties, alongside market stalls of hand crafted jewellery and interesting food choices.

The highlight of Malta Music week is the Isle of MTV concert. The best thing about the Isle Of MTV concert, aside from the 50,000 other people punching their fists in the air singing along to Scissor Sisters latest single, apart from the swoons of young, tanned, topless Maltese men when Kelis strutted on stage in a very sexy number, even better than David Guetta almost causing the VIP podium to collapse from the thumping of people's feet dancing to his set; it's free. No entrance fee, no ticket prices, no hidden charges. This year's concert featured 4 mainstream acts on a huge stage, in the gorgeous surroundings of Il Fosos Square in Floriana, and it didn't cost a penny. Ever seen anywhere in Europe beat that? Thought not.

Kid Rock joined the other superstars in the rather impressive line-up this year. Kelis was back to promote her new album following time away from the limelight with her son. She performed a disappointingly short set, but included crowd pleasers like 'Milkshake,' 'Trick me,' and newer releases 'Acapella' and '4th of July'. The cheers only grew louder when Kelis left the stage, setting the levels high for American pop extroverts the Scissor Sisters. Another band that disappeared for a while, they certainly made it known to crowd in Malta they were back, and nobody could argue with them. Their set had it all, a mix of funky electro beats, some old favourites and pre-release singles, and of course, Jake Shears stripping; all in a day's work for the tasty New Yorkers.

Kid Rock was an unlikely candidate as the crowd rarer before David Guetta but he performed 'Sweet Home Alabama,' amongst some unknown tracks and a cover of Led Zeppelins 'Rock and Roll'. Let's be honest though, the courteous cheers were from polite fans waiting to be blessed by the performance of a lifetime by the dance god, Lord Guetta himself.

Jumping straight into a heavy set, David Guetta proved once again, you don't need a band when you've got one man and his decks. Screaming over hyped up fans, it was clear he was loving his time on the party island and kicked off with one of his most well known tracks 'getting over you,' as the key line in the song got the screams louder than the music itself, all that was left to do was 'party, and party, and party and p-p-p-party'.

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