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Review: jj - no 3


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Winter is surely the worst time to battle with a hangover. There's no recovery on sandy beaches or sun-bleached grass patches; just convalescing under the covers till beyond midday. So any seemingly remedial records are welcomed respite, with jj no 3 being a prime example.

The faceless Swedish duo jj have curbed a few unruly edges of last year's predecessor: the token drugs ode and bloodied cannabis leaf cover art are gone and despite opening with an uneasy piano number concerned with grinding and death (hopefully it's a piss take about full-contact dancing, rather than actual melodrama), jj no 3 quickly diffuses into another short burst of melodic pop backed by hazy bongos. They're drawing upon the same luscious palette again, but the application is a little gentler this time.

Unfortunately this also equates to less memorable moments than last year's output, but even though it lacks a bit of the definition of jj no 2, it's hard not to be humbled by the quieting balladry of 'Light' or the bouncing pan flute of 'Golden Virginia'.

In essence, jj no 3 is little like returning to a Balearic sea breeze; something to recall from last year, indicating that the winter will thaw and the headache will indeed diminish. Just in time to usher in spring too.

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