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Review: Field Music - Measure


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In a useful sporting parable, Field Music (Measure) is reminiscent of Sunderland A.F.C's recent endeavours. field music

The football club splashed around in the transfer market, looking to compete with the big fish, and Field Music's Brewis brothers (Sunderland natives) have dredged the oeuvres of countless rock relics to inspire something meaningful.

Sadly, off-season aspirations don't equal success on the pitch, and planning to draw on musical greats can lead to nothing but trite emulation. Sure, they'll score a good result (i.e. the strings and bliss of 'Measure') en route to mediocrity.

But just as the Black Cats are nowhere near the Champion's League, Field Music's bloated effort shows grand ambitions and ends in drudgery. Fans may care, but if you're not already wearing the team colours, steer clear.

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