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Review - Nedry: Condors


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Indefinable records are a reviewer's worst friend! And in that case I should really hate the debut album by Nedry, but I really don't. nedry

It's genre-jumping wonders are something to behold.

This is pop in the same way Bjork makes pop: perplexing, complex and ever changing but always accessible and catchy.

If a debut captures the music of 2010 better than this I'll eat my hat!

Entrenched in dubstep rhythms, penetrated by banging drum & bass beats, all permeated by angular post-punk bursts and the expansive ambience of the best post-rock Condors is like everything and nothing.
This is post-trip-dub-pop-rock&bass - this is it 'all' how this is a debut album is beyond belief.

Whilst every track here would make a majestic, instrumental work the addition of Ayu Okakita's vocals provide a glowing warmth and beauty, rarely heard and owing more than a little to Portishead's Beth Gibbon. Her glorious voice is the perfect counterfoil to the dark soundscapes in the background.

All new music should capture the NOW, whilst pointing to the future - but if it all did, Condors would cease to be so special.

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