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Top tips to travel on a budget


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Have you been dreaming of going far away this summer, but don't know how to afford it? Well, listen up!

We all know travelling isn’t cheap, but budget travel company Global Convoy wanted to prove that it doesn't have to be that expensive either. 

So, how does one go about doing this? A short trip to Italy? A weekend getaway to Ireland? Of course not, that's too obvious. Instead, Global Convey planned an epic road trip across 25 counties. With 6,000 miles to cover they knew they needed some good wheels, so they teamed up with Gumtree to transform the back seat of a seven-seater Renault Grand Espace into a mobile ‘British Tea Room’ for just £425, and travelled across Europe for an adventure.

The 28-day journey saw people from all over the world join the convoy in their own budget vehicles with the group driving through Bosnia, Turney, Slovenia, and across the Black Sea to Georgia and on to Transnistria - a country that doesn’t technically exist!

Have a peek at all the places where they stopped below:

With limited funds and four wheels to get from country to country, founding members of Global Convoy, Max, Becca and Joel, share their top tips on travelling on a shoe-string budget: “We do our best to save money and spend little before a trip. But the majority of savings can be made with some forward thinking and by making smart choices while abroad.”

1. Avoid tourist hotspots

 If you have no set destination in mind, aim for somewhere off the beaten track. The costs drop dramatically, your money goes further and means more to the people who receive it! You're also more likely to have unique experiences and get opportunities most travellers wouldn't.

2. Don’t be afraid to get behind the wheel

We personally love travelling by car as it allows you to get to those 'hard to reach' locations. We've done road-trips, from a month long to a yearlong, and what people don't often realise is that the older and simpler a car you have, the more reliable it is for long distance journeys. That's why we use Gumtree so often for purchasing vehicles as you get a huge selection of makes and models from across the UK and can filter by age, mileage, etc. to find the perfect vehicle for your specific trip!

3. Camp out

Look up the camping laws in the country you're visiting ahead of time. This will allow you to save a huge amount on accommodation without risking any fines. If you aren't into camping, renting a place via Airbnb as a group can cut costs dramatically!

4. Work hard, play hard

Don't be afraid to work while you travel! For a three-day mini-break this might not be viable but in our year-long trip we worked at tons of hostels in return for free accommodation, food and sometimes drinks too! We offered all our skills from photography and video editing to cooking and cleaning! We even helped build a staircase once as we had a carpenter with us!

5. Find your pack

You don't need to be in a huge group, but the larger the group the more bargaining power you have... and the more friends you make! Big numbers will give you a lot of haggling power when you arrive at hostels/hotels, or even for just one-off events – for example, we saved €70pp when haggling for a Turkish hot air balloon ride just by asking for a lower price!

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