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Where to get the cheapest pizza in the UK


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It will surprise few that the cost of things vary greatly depending on where you are in the country, yet it may surprise you to learn that even pizza chains change their prices.

It is well known that the further south of England you live, the higher the prices go. Whether it's alcohol, property or rent, things can get pretty expensive, leaving many a student jealous of friends studying in northern cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. Yet it might surprise you to learn that some fast food chains and restaurants also increase their prices, even when selling the exact same item. 

Research by Casino Promo Code revealed that popular pizza chains were charging customers more around the country, with some identical pizzas varying by as much as £4- or a third- depending on the location in the UK. They analysed the prices of large Margherita pizzas across four of the biggest pizza chains in a selection of 19 UK cities. 

They found that Papa Johns had the greatest price difference, with significant price spikes between stores in the North and South for identical pizzas (including size, toppings and crusts). In fact, the £15.99 price listed for the large original cheese and tomato pizza in both Surrey and London is 33% more expensive than the £11.99 version in Merseyside.

Of the cities analysed, the cheapest order from a Dominos was found to be in Hull (£12.99) with multiple London and Surrey stores charging 23% more for the same size Margherita pizza (£15.99).

With a large pizza available for as little as £13.95 in a Cambridge Pizza Hut, the chain was found to be charging London customers an extra £1.90 for the same order – representing a 14% increase.

Pizza Express had the smallest price differences, but Londoners were still being charged 11% more than the £8.70 that customers in Aberdeen, Derby, Glasgow, Stoke, Swansea and Worcestershire were being asked to pay.

Price differences by pizza chain:

Most expensive city
Cheapest city
Price difference
Percentage price difference
Papa Johns
London, Surrey
Large, 13.5 inch
London, Surrey
Pizza Hut
Large, 8 slices
Pizza Express
One size
Glasgow, Stoke, Aberdeen, Derby, Swansea, Worcestershire

Looking across all four chains in the 19 cities, Cardiff was home to the cheapest pizza, with an average cost of £11.83, compared to £13.84 in Surrey – representing an increase of 17%.

On average, the cheapest cities to get a large Margherita pizza from the four chains are:

1. Cardiff: average price of £11.83

2. Hull: £12.30

3. Colchester: £12.57

On average, the most expensive cities to get a large Margherita pizza from the four chains are:

1. Surrey: average price of £13.85

2. London: £13.81

3. Birmingham: £13.20

A spokesman for Casino Promo Code said: “The disparity in prices across the country is something customers may find surprising. Whilst it is common for there to be price differences between different chains, it is difficult to understand why exactly the same pizza can be 33% more expensive depending on where you eat it.”

Overall, it seems students in the South are getting a rough deal! If a quick trip to the North isn't possible it might be worth trying smaller chains or local restaurants as an alternative option to the bigger chains mentioned above. This is an especially good idea if they have discounts or nights where prices are reduced for students. Alternatively, use the data obtained to avoid the companies ripping you off and try some of the cheaper chains instead. 

Meanwhile, any northern students should enjoy their victory and make sure to remind their southern friends about yet another advantage to studying in the North. Have a slice for us!

All data was collected between 8th and 9th February. 

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