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Worried about life after uni? Let Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis answer your burning questions


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Money is a tough business, especially when you’re a student with not very much of it in your pocket.  

Whether you’re slaving away every weekend in a retail job or just hoping desperately for a financial boost from the bank of mum and dad, it’s fair to say that your bank account probably isn’t in the most ideal shape whilst you’re at uni.

And when just getting through the week is your main concern, how can you possibly start planning for what happens after you’ve graduated?

We know, it might seem a long way off. But it’s really, really not.

Time flies away - just like the money out of your bank account

We have a whole load of questions, personally. For example: student loans – what’s the deal with repayments? How much will we pay back, and when? How can we prepare for life after uni, when we’re likely to be unemployed for a while? Is moving home the done thing, after three years of freedom? Is now, actually, the correct time to panic?

As students, these are all questions that are likely to be on our minds – and if they’re not for you, they will be the closer you get to graduation.

But don’t worry – because Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis and The Times’ money editor, Anne Ashworth, are teaming up to bring you the answers to at least some of the questions that are playing on your mind.

Martin Lewis, Founder of Money Saving Expert // Credit: The Mirror

The completely free event, taking place at King’s College Business School in Central London next week, will seek to ease student panic around post-graduation finances.

You’ve probably heard Martin Lewis on the radio, or maybe you’ve read his tips online. At the event, you’ll get the chance to hear his thoughts firsthand, alongside those of award-winning journalist Anne Ashworth, editor of The Times’ Money and Bricks & Mortar sections.

The event is part of the paper’s Know Your Times series, in which we’ve also discussed fake news and why you definitely, definitely shouldn’t fall for it.

Here are the details you need:

When? Tuesday 20th February, with doors opening at 3.30pm for a 4pm start

How long? Talk 4pm – 5pm, with an hour after for drinks

Where? King’s College Business School, 30 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4BG

Who? Martin Lewis, founder of Money Saving Expert, and The Times money editor Anne Ashworth

Cost? Completely free 

Why? To find out everything you need to know about preparing your finances for post-university life

What else? A drink and the chance to ask your own questions

Register for tickets here.

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