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5 ways to earn money at university


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With half of students admitting to running out of money before their next loan instalment, here are the best ways to earn some extra cash during hard times. 

1. Matched Betting

‘Betting’ may not be the best way to start a ‘ways to save money at uni’ article, but with matched betting, you are guaranteed to win. Sounds like there’s a catch? There isn’t.

For those of you who are new to the concept of matched betting, the idea is to convert the bookmakers’ free bets into cash that is yours to keep. Betting exchanges are used to cover any losing bookmaker bets, so nothing is left to chance.

In addition, calculators and software, provided by companies such as Heads&Heads, ensure we make a profit from the free bets we receive - no matter the result. So, by removing the risk, the process differs from regular 'gambling' and is instead called matched betting.

Heads&Heads is a superb service for matched betting beginners, offering its users a step-by-step guide to ensure a win within half an hour of signing up for a free account.

Heads&Heads display all available offers on an easy navigations screen, including details such as the average profit a customer is likely to make and how long it will take to place the bet. 

The site does offer premium services, which state users can earn up to £1,500 tax free profit per month. When you sign up, the free trial could earn you enough profit to cover two months premium membership. There's a live chat function too, to help you out if you're not sure about anything. Signing up is a no-brainer.

2. Selling your old notes / textbooks

Remember those old first-year notes and study guides that were bagged up and binned? They may have been the answer to your cash-strapped troubles.

Although websites do exist to pass on information, it may be as simple as posting a message on a noticeboard at university or enquiring around the first-year social media group chats.

Although, this might be a great way to make a few pounds on the side, make sure everything you sell is in keeping with your university guidelines and not plagiarised material.

3. Become a Private Tutor

Did you ever look at your school teachers and think, that looks like an easy job? Well, it could be yours.

Although you need certain qualifications, and time, to work in an actual school, private tutoring is the next best thing.

As a tutor, you can charge what you like for your services, although between £20 and £35 per hour is usually the going rate. You can advertise privately, or through an agency and is a flexible way to boost your income while effectively running your own company, something that looks great on a graduate CV.

4. Sell your words

Almost all university students write something during their course, so why not turn this into a pay cheque?

Publishing an e-book, writing for a magazine, or taking part in paid social media marketing work are all good ways to turn your creative talents into something more substantial, whilst also improving your craft for your university assignments.

The best bit? Nothing except a laptop and a notepad are needed to get started and in most cases, you can work from home.

5. Get involved at uni

Your university needs you.

Through temporary work agencies you can get up close with open days, UCAS Fairs and celebration evenings, all whilst getting paid.

Shifts can vary from anything between one hour and several months, meaning you can tailor work to fit around your studies without having to travel too far in the process.

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