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#MENtalHealth: Watch the first video from our interview series with Authentic Mental Health

20th November 2018

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As part of The National Student's MENtal Health content series, Chloe Rowland sat down with Charles Marshall from Authentic Mental Health to film a three-part video series.

The first video from the series is focused on the topic of male mental health, in which Charles discusses his own experiences of mental health and considers why men generally find it more difficult than women to discuss their mental health issues.

"Men aren't usually open about how they're suffering, how they're feeling - their mental health," says Charles in the video. "I think men are scared to admit that they are suffering and need help."

While acknowledging that it can be hard at first to open up about mental health issues, he highlights the importance of talking about how you're feeling with loved ones and seeking help.

"I know it's scary at first to talk and openly admit how you're feeling, and that's okay," he says. "I was scared - I think everybody is scared at first... because of the stigma attached to it.

"But, before I spoke about how I was feeling, I felt like there was a weight on my shoulders. And when I finally spoke to someone about it, I felt like the weight had been lifted off my shoulders, by just talking to someone about it, I didn't feel as alone anymore because someone else knew how I was feeling."

From first-hand experience, Charles recognises the importance of having open, honest discussions about mental health; he encourages more men to do the same.

"For any men who are scared to admit or talk about how they're feeling, it's okay, that's natural. Everybody feels like that," he says. "But I promise you: as soon as you talk to even one person about how you're feeling, then you'll feel how I felt - like the weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

"It's okay not to be okay."

The video was originally uploaded on The National Student's YouTube channel.

You can see Authentic Mental Health's YouTube channel here.

This article is part of The National Student’s MENtal Health content series which is led by Laura Brown. You can see more from the series here.

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